Patch to a Pill

New_ZealandJanuary 24, 2002

Hi there, I am 40 years old and have been on HRT since having my ovaries and everything else taken out 10 years ago. Today I change from a patch to a pill. I am not to sure about the change over - 3 weeks on the pill and 1 week off, the 1 week off sounds scary! :-) Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has done this.

:-) Thanks.

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why are you changing? I've been on the patch for about 8 years now...they started me on the pill about 4 hours after my hyster, but i would get terrible headaches about 2 hours before my next pill...the patch doesn't have to be processed by the liver,'s much "smoother" to adjust to...i love it...

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I have also been on the patch for around 15 yrs. and I tried the pills, didn't work very well for me. alot of my friends take the pill w/ good results, but I too like the fact patches don't go thru the digestive system.That's why so many options, go w/what works best for you even if you have to switch alot to find right one.

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