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tracystokeFebruary 23, 2011

I realize this isnt the most appropiate forum for this,but everyone seems to sort of know people on here ,and its the most active,after reading asolos ,nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors,and asexual man.It got me thinking.If everyone was truly honest,does anyone have problems deep rooted,that they may feel better for sharing,thats made them the people they are today.Ihave loads.No childhood probs ,but i still came bulimic,had social phobia,didnt like sex,and c.o.d.Today I am happy but still come across some of those demons.I hate to feel full,eat sensibly,sex is no longer on the list ,i enjoy that,i still have social phobia and slight c.o.d.like washing hands too much but nothing too exteme,i recognise it,so anybody else want to to put anything personal, i doubt it lol

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My suggestion: buy a bottle of single-malt and a book about punctuation. Consume together. Wait two weeks and try again.

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In answer to your question Tracy, yes. Sending our problems into cyberspace is kind of therapeutic. It's a fairly safe place to vent.

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You're kidding, right? Safe? No way. Not this place.

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scarlett,I Agree,I do think its therapeutic.asolo I Cant think of anything more boring ,so please bog off.Amy why do you think its not safe?,its not like im gonna bump into you in the local shop.I actually expected nobody to put any of their problems on here .so no suprise here.honesty is important to me,there is alot of people on here that dish out the advice because thats what should be done ,but in reality they are hipocrits,sorry asolo for the spelling and lack of comas and full stops ,i did try.

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Tracy, just because people aren't responding to your request to post about deep rooted problems doesn't mean that they're hipocrites or dishonest. Everyone has issues of some magnitude; that's just life. It seems that you've gotten a grip on some of yours and are continuing to work on them; contratulations. Working on issues is what mature, intelligent people do.

By "c.o.d." I think you mean OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), right? I say that because you mentioned washing hands. That's a tough disorder to have; I know a couple of people that have struggled with it. They continue therapy.

I agree with Amy that too much personal information on the web isn't safe. Once things are posted they are on the web forever. Forever! And tracy, I may be wrong, but I think you're using your real, full name, right?

I think I'll head out for a bottle of single-malt now...

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thanks suzieque.you are right,mostly, apart from tracy stoke is not my full name,stoke is where im from.

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Aha. Ok, that's good.

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