Hysteroctomy what to expect??

Fat_DaddyJanuary 6, 2004

My wife came in tonight and told me the DR. said she would need a hysteroctomy. my wife is on the Estragin Implants.

She is having a period sometimes every 10 days in chunks.

Dr said she also had a tilted something which Ins pays to have done.. Ive read here were some ladies have a partial and some

things removed. Wife is 48

I take that it effects women differently.

Some one explain me what happens. Does she still have orgasms?

Does the vigina still wet. What changes, sex wise?\

Are there mood swings? how do I need to help her during this.

Not to be weird I just need educating and I didn't want

to ask her quesions now.


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Talk to your doctor.

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Lots of information at www.hystersister.com

Very friendly women and helpful forum there also.I had mine 3 years ago on Sept.11 and it went so much better than I expected thanks to all the info I got on this site.
Good luck.

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I know a couple of women who've had complete hysterectomies.
Your wife will have to be on hormones from now on...from what I gather it can take a little time to get the right levels. But once she's "settled in" she should, as far as I know, function mostly "normally" in regards to sexually, and mood.
I imagagine it's a bit like being post menopause...? So there might be some little changes, but nothing you two can't work out.

BTW, it's probably always a good thing to get a second opinion on non-urgent surgeries. Maybe she has no choice in this case, but it maybe wouldn't hurt?

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