Leslie810January 31, 2002

Has anyone ever heard of Fosamax causing your heart to stop.

I just was told that from someone who was taking it and I have never heard that. Thanks

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Like in a heart attack? There is certainly nothing in the literature. Only known adverse reactions are gastroesphogeal irritation and the few women I know who are on it (and have been for awhile) have totally tolerated it and regained bone. Maybe someone had a heart attack when they had to pay for it - I understand its expensive.

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That was so funny. I know it is expensive if you do not have insurance! I think the person almost had a heart attack. I am trying to find out more info on it. I have been on it for awhile and feel just fine............I take it only once a week. My doctor said that she has not heard anything about it having an affect on the heart, bu twill get back to me if she reads anything on it.

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