Natural supplements for menopause?

Leslie810January 16, 2002


I was wondering if there are any naturals to take or to rub on your body for menopause symptoms...such as night sweats,

and poor sleep. Thanks. les

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In November, I started having hot flashes quite frequently both day and night. I didn't sweat profusely like some ladies do but due to the hot flashes frequency they were quite uncomfortable. While shopping at Wal-mart, I found Estroven(which sounded promising), an over the counter supplement containing Soy and other plants. I started taking it on Dec. 23 and the hot flashes have disappeared. Also, for some time I have been using a small amount of the natural progesterone cream. (See Dr. John Lee's book on "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Pre-Menopause")My doctor did a hormone test and my estrogen reading was 11, which was low. I haven't been back in to discuss the results with her yet...have an appointment the end of Jan. I don't have problems sleeping, so I can't offer much on that other than the Estroven does say it contains "Kava Kava to reduce irritablity and help you get a good night's sleep." BTW, this is just "one woman's experience(opinion)" who's trying to encourage and help not trying to diagnose,treat or sell any one/thing.


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Thanks Bea
I started taking Remefemin, not sure if it almost the same as the others on the market. My doctor told me to take it and now I use the Natural Progesterone cream. So far so good, but I do still get those darn flashes and it is a bit embarrassing at work. Les

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Hang in there, Leslie. Sometimes it just takes a bit to see results when using supplements. I know the Estroven said it could take 30-60 days before benefits are realized; however, some women notice a difference in 7-10 days. I was one of those who experienced a difference in 7-10 days. Good luck!


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I take Promensil (derived from red clover, contains no soy) and I use natural progesterone cream and this combination works well for me.

With the Promensil they say it takes 4-5 weeks to "kick in" properly but it worked for me almost immediately. I was having about 70 hot flashes a day (yep, every few minutes day and night). I've heard that it hasn't worked for some ladies, perhaps they didn't give it long enough, or perhaps it just wasn't for them. Everyone is different and react differently to different things. It's all trial and error I'm afraid, although I was lucky that the first thing I tried worked and worked fast.

Good luck.

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I started taking black cohosh (found at health food stores) and over a period of about 3-4 weeks, my night sweats disappeared completely. Black cohosh can be upsetting to the stomach in some people--I started out taking half of the recommended dose and worked my way up to the full dose over a week's time.

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When you say black cohosh can be upsetting to the stomach, do you mean it can cause gas? I take an over the counter Menopause supplement with black cohosh in it and have had not problem so far. I also use natural progsterone cream twice a day, also ovc. Thanks Les

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I started taking promensil 2 weeks ago and notice a slight improvement in my energy level and general well being. Hard to tell if it's really this pill but I have never taken hormones.

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There are certain herbs like the angelica and dong quai helps to strengthen the reproductive organs. Ginseng helps to keep away the menopausal symptoms and treats the night sweat, poor sleep in women.

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Source Naturals Ingredients Menopause

Source Naturals - Hot Flash natural supplement is a specialized formula of ingredients that are designed to help with the effects of the loss of estrogen during menopause. The loss of this essential hormone causes many different effects within the body. This special blend of non-GMO soy will help with minimizing hot flashes.

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There are many natural supplements which are very helpful in overcoming the condition of the menopause. Some of them are

Black Cohosh,

Asian Ginseng


Source: Expertmenopausereviews

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