Allergic reaction

Karen33January 30, 2002

I started using OTC Natural Progesterone cream a couple of months ago and around the same time became quite ithcy on my arms and around my mid section. I attributed it to dry skin, since winter was setting in. But about 2 weeks ago, when my doctor switched me from the OTC and put me on a proper dosage (I was just using a dab before, not even a quarter teaspoon), the itching got worse. I even notice some hives. I am sure this is an allergic reaction. I took a Benedryl today during an especially bad attack and within an hour, the itchiness went away. Has anyone ever experienced this. And if so, what can you do? Since I'm using Estriol vaginal cream, I really need to take some progesterone to protect the uterus. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Karen, allergies to progesterone are very possble. Some women are even allergic to the progesterone made by their own bodies. This is more common in women who have other autoimmune problems.

Do a google search ( using progesterone and allergic skin reactions as your search terms. You'll find a wealth of sites that discuss with problem.

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Last summer my gyno put me on progesterone pills for 12 days to try and stop my bleeding. It didn't work, but I did break out in nasty hives all over my body while we were on vacation at the beach (went there 2 days after I started taking the pills). I went to the family doctor when we were home and he said it was sun poisoning (I've never had it in my life) since I'd been at the beach. Now I'm wondering if it really was an allergic reaction since the benadryl gave me some relief.

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