Cabinet Dilemma - Advise Welcomed

nsoltzJanuary 23, 2014

That is-- Advice Welcomed

Long-time lurker but first post.

Renovating 12x18 kitchen with small center island. 25 total cabinets.

Cabinets will be cherry with plywood construction.

We have excellent quotes on Starmark and Ultracraft from a large discount operation here in NJ. They have been excellent in the quote process and their quotes are far below other dealers. Installation would either be 3rd party through them or our GC, who is an experienced cabinet installer.

We have quotes somewhat higher from an independent KD firm with an excellent reputation, their own in house installers, and who has demonstrated great knowledge and has been very helpful.

The KD quoted Hanssem and Touchstone. The Touchstone is about $2500 more than the Hanssem. They are a large Hanssem dealer and are definitely pressing for Hanssem. The reviews on this site have been less-than-stellar and I am suspect of Hanssem.

I can also find very little information about Touchstone. The construction seems better than the Hanssem and from what we could tell, the finish seems better.

We really prefer a frameless cabinet yet the Starmark seems to be well built and nicely finished. And it is the lowest of the 4 quotes.

By the way, we are still awaiting quote on Brookhaven, but the dealer gave us very high quotes on Dynasty and Ultramark (their quote was 25% higher than the discount outfit) so not optimistic BH would be in the running.

We like the KD but are uncertain of Hanssem and Touchstone.

Need to make a decision in the next couple of weeks.

Appreciate any replies to the thread...

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The relationship with the KD is often more important than the cabinet quality after a certain level. Someone that knows a line's specs, and the workarounds for their "gotchas" is an extremely valuable commodity. Just look at the latest post on the issue with Showplace cabinets that was due to the inexperience of the KD rather than the line itself. Someone who knows their lines inside and out, and that you have good rapport with is worth a lot on your balance scale.

Good mid grade brands will all be fairly comparable, except for the finishes. That's something you have to judge for yourself, and weigh the value of that yourself. The finish is the most seen and touched part of any cabinet, and it's differences are more important than most mid grade construction or hardware differences.

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Try North East Building supply, about 1/2 mile from Six Flags great Adventure. They are great there, see Joel.

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nsoltz- who is this large discount corporation?

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