How did you meet?

KrissySFebruary 9, 2002

DH and I met at a car crash, I was walking to the bank to drop of the deposites when I saw a car wreck, I ran to see if everyone was ok, everyone was except hubby who had a small cut on his head, I stayed with him while they checked him out(the cut is a small heart shaped scar now) turns out he was in Indiana, visiting some friends of mine and was on his way to a party that I was going to after work, not to shabby considering that DH lived in TN :) After that amazing night we started talking on the internet a lot because our first months phone bills were $823.00 and $541.00... opps! LOL

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DH & I were set up as blind dates through his cousin who married a friend of mine. We dated two weeks when he proposed to me and of course I said yes. However, we were engaged a year before we married.

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DH works at my gym. I workout out first thing in the morning right after I roll out of bed and I sweat a lot - it's not pretty. How can a woman resist a man who has seen her at her worst and still wants to go out with her? He was too shy to talk to me though and had to have a co-worker of his approach me. He only wanted her to feel me out (if I was available, etc) but she just spilled the beans. I ended up having to approach him.

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me and my hubby met thru a radio date line thingy~ where you call in put your info into the system and then the system sorts out people they think you would like that meet your standards Bill was my 3rd match lol, danny the first one was a super sweet goodlooking guy but he had no ambition to do anything with his life he just sorta drifted from job to job. Steve the next guy was great, nice looking , great job just not my type i decided he would be a much better match for my best friend who had been widowed 3 years so i fixed them up and they are getting married next month ;), Bill had called and heard my intro on the date line, left me a message and phone number i heard the message liked the way he sounded and called him we lived about 45 minutes from each other and we talked everynight for about 3 hours each night before we actually met face to face. I knew after the 2nd actual date i would marry him , it took him longer to figure that out lol but we have been married for almost 2 years now.

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My summer job between college semesters.

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At a disco!! Lol! Neither of us would set a foot in such a place now. Kathy_

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We met when we both worked for IBM, we had travelled to Atlanta for training. He broke all my rules: never date someone you work with, never have long distance relationships, yada yada.

But the ones that break the rules are the ones we end up falling for. And we just celebrated 11 years last week!

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My wife was my resident advisor my second year of school. We only dated for about 6 weeks and then I up and joined the Army. 5 years later we met again through a mutual friend. I introduced her to the folks and they liked her. Then she drove 14 hours round trip, every weekend, that entire summer to see me. I thought either this woman was some kinda' psycho or we were meant to be together. As it turned out the latter was true. Although she is a little nuts at times. But hey, I love her to death!!

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He was the captain on a whale watching boat. My family went and I was only going to drop DD off at the pier to go with them but decided to tag along. It was the closest thing to love at first sight I have ever experienced. Married 2 years now but dated 6.

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Boy Scout Camp!!! My dh and I were both on staff and got to be good friends. He did religious work out of the country for a few years and we wrote to each other, first as friends, then as more than. Got married four months after he got back.

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At a going away party at a bar for a coworker. I had seen him in meetings before and thought he was very cute, but assumed he was married or taken. He went up to one of our coworkers and asked who I was, and she was like dummy she works at our company (800+ employees so understandable). She then came up to me and told me he was checking me out. So I went up to him and bummed a smoke and we got to chatting. I called him later that night and left a message all He called me a couple days later and asked me out on a date. I moved in on the second date, we got married 2 years later and we now have been married 18 months and are expected our first baby in May!

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Back in 1979 I went on a two-week cruise with a girl from work and I met Paul on the first night out. He got quite seasick and I didn't see him for a couple of days, but after that we were together and married almost 3 years to the day after our first meeting.

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At a bar. It's still owned by the same family but is now an upscale restaurant with a bar area instead of a bar that served sandwiches and nachos, etc.

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DH is a mechanic and my then vehicle was 4 years old, just the right age for everything to start going and it did, something new every 3 weeks or so and by the time all was fixed, we were an item :o)

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By accident, in a bar/club, in college. I was out with my roommate, he was with his roommate. My roommate thought HIS roommate was cute so they started talking, and DH and I were kind of left by ourselves, so we started dancing. (kind of a "nothing better to do thing") Funny thing-the roommates relationship lasted all of a week or two! Ours is still going strong after almost 9 years!

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My hubby and I met when we were 14 at a camp that the eighth grade class every year at our school went to for a week. We knew each other before that, but never really KNEW each other. Now we are both 30 and have been married for almost 8 years. Have two awesome kids who are 7 and 3. We have a great life.

Have a great day everyone!!!

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At a bar, I was working and he was frequenting and I didn't like him the first time I met him - he was women bashing. Now we have been married for 5 years and the bar is closing this Friday.

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Must be something in the air when one turns 14. I met my husband when I was 14 at a church youth group, then found out we were in the same school (but had no classes together). I was his first "love." I wasn't allowed to actually date then, but could go on chaparoned outings--you know, with parents along. My mother thought he was wonderful, and so did I until I realized how much she liked him. That's all it took. I dumped him for someone else, but not before stabbing him in the leg with a pencil. Found out later that he tried several times to contact me, but never was able to. In the meantime, 43 years went by. He did his thing, and I did mine. Then a girl at work asked me to look at a website called I did, and on a lark, I posted my name with my school.

Two weeks later, I got this really strange e-mail at work. You guessed it, he found me! We've been married almost two years now (and he still won't let me near a pencil).

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Hey Pauline 13, I used to work at and they LOVE to hear stories like that, if you want to email them and haven't already, I'm sure they would appreciate it.

My fiancee and I aren't married yet but here is how we met: my old roommate's old roommate's roommate was his old roommate, and he had a going-away party and we met there. My FH had kicked the guy out of their house because he was a jerk, and he just showed up at the party to be nice and show that there were no hard feelings. The guy IS a jerk, but he is what brought us together so we kind of like him now.

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Oh Pauline, what a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it with us. :)

My DH and I met in English class in college. it was a 4-hour linguistics class that sucked. There was a break in between and I used to see him hanging out. I had just been dumped by my former boyfriend and was depressed and lost a lot of weight and DH said he first noticed me hiking up my too big pants and thought that was kind of cute. (I was so embarrassed!) Before long he was sitting next to me in class, offering me tea (which I found out later had a touch of whiskey in it - i smelled something suspicious and politely declined). Soon we would hang out together during breaks and then one day just never went back to class. We dated for 6 1/2 years (long distance twice) and got married last summer.

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I met DH in highschool through a friend. We went bowling as a group (inviting the boys we wanted to hook up with). She hooked up with HIM. Yes they started dating. Anyway we became best of friends then, and stayed that way...just good friends for about 5 years. Then one night...let's just say that we were both horney.....anyway we've been together ever since. So I married my best friend.


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Camping on the beach outside of San Diego. I had a ring stuck on my finger and it was turning blue. My sister panicked and ran to another campsite to get help, and he came to the rescue. He removed the ring and was so sweet I couldn't sleep thinking about him (this happened at night). The next morning I saw him and he approached me without knowing that I was the "girl" he helped the night before. I asked him if he was married, and he said, "No. Let's go get married". He would be mad if he knew I told you that part!

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Online in a chatroom.

We chatted for almost 2 years before finally meeting!

Second night he was there, he proposed; I accepted!

Two years later we got married!

Not everything on the internet is bad! LOL

:-) ...Kate

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1991, in a bar. After his softball game, he & his fire dept buddies went to the bar. This was my first night out after 10 months had passed from ending a relationship with a guy that played head games. Don circled the bar, kept coming by, asking for my phone number. I was reluctant. Besides, his softball uniform number had a '69' on the back; ugh! My friend thought he was cute, and that I should go for it. I did, but kept saying to her How can anyone get serious with a guy with a '69' on his back?!?". We were married in 96. She'll never let me forget saying that...

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It was at a gas station. LoL... I was with some friends and had just finished my first year of college. He was making wise cracks to me, and I thought he was a jerk at first. Come to find out 25 yrs later, that I was "wrong"!! BUT.. I didn't discover that until LAST year... KIDDING.. just kidding!!

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I'll tell it the way one of our best men (yes, we had 2) told it at our reception, 10 years ago June 20th! Bill and Dave (my DH) were best friends for years (still are). Bill gets up at the reception for his toast and told the story (in Bill's voice):

Dave was talking about this really cute cashier that he works with (that's ME!), so I said, "Why don't you ask her out?" Dave said "I did" but in a voice that didn't sound too happy. I was prepared for the worse, but still asked "AND...?"

(brief silence)

"Her mother won't let her."

Of course, at that point, the whole room busted out laughing, even my Mom who was very embarassed. I was 16 when Dave asked me out, and he was 23 and had gone out drinking with my Mom (and other coworkers, sometimes me too) after work almost every Thursday night. Turns out, drinking buddies aren't the best people to ask to date your daughter, especially with a large age difference. So we became friends and when I was 18, I was allowed to go out with him.

We got engaged 6 months later and married when I was 20.

Pauline, I was 14 when I started working at the store where I met Dave, so I've known him for over half my life. Lucky me!

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I got a job in 1987 with an Electricial Contacting Co (secretary) John was an electrician with this shop unaware until years later the first time he saw me he said "Who is that girl: for im it was loe at first sight .ion the other hand had no clue and we became good friends for 5 yrs...yes 5 yrs..hes very shy. One day he says Hey Eileen wanna go to dinner Sat night I said yeh whos going? (thought he ment the work group) he said just me and you I said your kidding right then I realized he wasnt! I said yes we dated 10 months seen each other EVERYDAY and 10mo later I walked down the aisle this October it will be 10years!! and I love him more and more each day!!!!!

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At a gas station at 4 in the morning. Apparently we both were too lazy to get gas on our way home from work the day before. He approached me, I gave him my pager #, he kept calling until I finally went out with him. From the first date on he introduced my as his "girlfriend". Moved in a few months later, got married and had a baby. Still going strong. He's the only man in my life that ever truly loved me and cares about me more than anything else. For this I'm thankful for.

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Oh Goodness, I was such a #$%%*!

I met (nabbed and decided to marry) my DH at the NCO Club at Dover AFB, DE. We were both active duty at the time.

Occasionally the Club would host "Oldies Music" night. My gal-pals and I rarely missed these nights. We'd go over about 9:30 p.m. so wed be there before the swing shift cops got off duty about 11:15. Once they arrived, things could get lively.

On this particular night, IÂd gone over early with two of my male buds. The place was packed. A large group of cops started pulling tables up so they could sit together. They were next to the table where The Buds and I were. The evening progressed; every one was dancing, laughing, drinking, and having fun.

A gorgeous guy was giving one of his cohorts a hard time. He was sitting directly behind me; I could hear their conversation. I leaned back on my chair and "bumped" into his. I told him if he felt the need to challenge someone, he should choose a person that could give as good as they get.

He leaned toward me, twirled his chair around next to mine, and said "Oh yeah?" with his blue eyes twinkling. "Yeah!" He asked if I was "with" either of the two guys I was sitting with. "No."

Bud 1 wandered off, entranced by some blonde no doubt. After a while Bud 2 decided we should go back to the dorm. We werenÂt dating, but we hung out a lot and he usually "checked up" on me about closing time. He also liked to play "love-life monitor." LOL

I told him to go on; I'd be fine. Bud 2 gives the cop a "look" and says, "Do you really think you should stay here with him?" Future DH told him to run along; his dorm was next to ours; heÂd get me home safe and sound.

He didÂbut I do believe he was a bit worse for wear after the experience.

That was Aug. 29, 1989Âwe remained a steady item from that day through our separate TDYs (often apart for 4-6 months at a clip) and my retraining and PCS move to England for a year. We married in 1992, nearly three years after IÂd decided he was "the one." I didnÂt share this info with him at the time. He was smart; I knew heÂd eventually figure it out. During those three years we were on separate continents for nearly two years. We never lived together until after the wedding.

Bud 2 and I are still friends and talk occasionally. I think he still "disapproves." The other cop DH is still a one of DH's best friends. He visits us every chance he gets.

There are times I could wallop the man; but I'm still glad I picked him! We've been married nearly 14 years.

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Sophmores in high school, had the same history class, I thought he was turning 17 when he was turning 16 and he didn't want to tell me he was younger than me. Anyway, we went together, off and on, for 8 years, got married in 1970, that makes 36 years this month, and he still tries to use the "robbing the cradle" joke....come on, we're talking 9 months here...Lynn

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I was drunk in a bar while I was in college and I walked past him and thought he was someone else and said, "HI!". My friend and I went to the bathroom and when I came out he was right there with a drinks for me and my friend. By our third date I decided that I loved him (but did NOT tell him!!!! He said it first after knowing me a month.) In less than a year we were married.

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How we met...Oh this is romantic. We met at a pig processing plant...

...I had just turned 19, was with my first bf who I'd started going out with in grade 12, (call me a late bloomer, I was always more interested in horeses than boys), and was young and innocent. I had been out on my own for almost a year (moved out and got a job as soon as I graduated high school).

I started at the processing plant, and within a week managed to get transfered off the cutting floor, and back into "pack off" (where all the boxes of meat are sorted and stacked) where I was doing the very easy job of scanning bar codes, wrapping pallets, and putting a big label on them.

He was 31, a year out of a common-law relationship (with two children), and was a 'dirty old man'. He drove the fork lift.

Just before lunch on my first day back there (the only girl working with 12 guys) he came up to me and said (with a grin and a twinkle in his eye) "I'm not going to bring you any more work, unless you give me some candy" at lunch I went to the vending machine and bought a box of smarties. (Being young and innocent, I thought that was all he was suggesting.)

I worked back there for 3 months, before I started to catch on to what those 'boys' (all 12 of them) were saying, and 3 months more, blushing at most of their conversations. We worked together for a year, flirting back and forth. I'd pretend to flash him some leg, and he'd chase me around the department like Pepe Le Pew, while I tried to run away like that poor Sylvester, laughing so hard I could barely stand.

Meanwhile, BF and I were still going out. In hind sight, it wasn't a healthy relationship, it lacked any respect. He would constantly push me to do 'things' I wasn't comfortable with (and I would cave in), had no regard for my safety (would demand I drive 2 hours to pick him up in a snowstorm, at 2am, after I'd put in a 12hr shift), and was very controlling. I was 19, decided I wanted to see the inside of a bar, try a drink (had never had one before) and he told me I wasn't "allowed", then decided to take me to his college Christmas party, purposely got me drunk and then...well I believe that's classified as date rape. I stayed with him for two months after that, and after he proposed I gave my head a shake and broke up with him.

I had been boarding with my bf's grandpa, and didn't want to go back there, so, my (now) DH, offered his basement as a hideout, until everything cooled down and I could find a place of my own. I stayed there for a week, then rented a little trailer.

Three months later I moved in with him. My parents hated him before they ever met him. Their precious daughter had broken up with a good Christian young man (if they only knew) and was now 'shacked up' with a non-christian father of two, who was 12 years her senior. It took a year before they would even meet him. Four months after that, we got engaged, three months after that we got married. (We gave out boxes of Smarties as wedding favors.) We've been married for 2 1/2 years now, have a son who's almost one. Life is good. Dad and DH regularly go out for lunch together, and mom always refers to him as her 'favorite son-in-law' and brags about him to all her friends.

We are best friends and do a lot of fishing and hunting together. He comes out and plays in the dirt with me when I'm gardening. He treats me like a queen. I always laugh when I tell people that we met at a pig processing plant...

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BRAVO to Zianite, My husband and I also met on the internet two years ago. We met on a chat site called paltalk. We talked just as friends for about a yr online and on the phone. The second time he came to see me he proposed and I accepted. We have no regrets and the marriage is great. No children living at home even makes the marriage better. You are so right everyone on the internet isn't bad. It doesn't matter whether you meet a person face to face or on the internet. You never really know a person anyway, so you have to trust your gut instinct and the MAN above and go for it.

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Fraturnity dance

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Things weren't working out with a guy I was dating, so he tell me he is going to give my e-mail to another guy he knows. I was mad, I mean what is this,now you are passing me around to your friends. He gave my e-mail to this guy, the guy started to write to me, I am going along with it. After e-mailing and talking for the phone for a while, we decided to meet. He tells me he never met the guy that gave him my e-mail, his sister-in-law knows him, that's how he got his e-mail.

Anyway, at this point in my life I was tired of dating, decided that I am going to meet this guy and that's it, I am going to stop dating for a while.

We met, I decided I am just going to be myself, I am tired of trying to be nice. So I told him on our first date, about the time I got drunk and vomited out of my friend's SUV and a cop was standing right there. I actually, thought he would not call me anymore, but he keept calling and we keept going out, about 1month of dating the proposed. married for 4 yrs.

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