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judys_ontJanuary 30, 2004

4 years ago, around the same time I went into menopause, I started to have episodes of complete physical exhaustion. I would sometimes feel in ill health along with it.

I've never been a strong person but the way I feel is not normal. I can't do half what I used to, or I have to lay down to regain energy.

I began taking supplements of Vitamins D, C, E, and beta-caratene. They helped a lot, but exhaustion still occurs too easily.

My hemolglobin is good. B12-good. ECG-good.

My sinuses are the only thing that gives me any trouble. I had surgery to clear them around 8 years ago, but that didn't help post nasal drip and the odd headache.

Has anyone ever had a similar experience and do you know why?


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Just wondering if you've had a check-up lately? This doesn't sound normal. Have you been stressed out about something? Stress can really wear you down, imho.

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Had physical on Monday and blood work 2 weeks previous. Everything was ok.
Doctor did seem to pass it off but I'm going to press him on this.
Maybe look into thyroid.
I have no stress as I am retired. There are just occasions when I feel 70 instead of 56. Sure wish I knew what seems to drag me down occasionally.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Do you have a regular exercise routine? Perhaps you should start walking each day. How is your weight? Have you considered reading up on menopause? Perhaps you are fearing this stage in your life? If I don't exercise, I don't feel good. I love to garden and live in Oklahoma where I can usually work outside except for about 3 months a year. I can get pretty down during those (these) months. Four years is a long time. What kind of a doctor do you see? Besides the thyroid, why don't you see a woman obstetrician and check out your progestine, estrogen, etc.?
You are way to young to feel this way.

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I try to exercise when I feel I can do it. However, that isn't often. I have a treadmill and an exercise bike. I'm going to try to do it more. I am as active as I can be around the house. In the spring, I'll be out in the garden and hope to feel better then. Unfortunately, here in Toronto, getting into the garden has to wait until about end of May.
I'm not going to let this lie. If it isn't thyroid, then I'll continue to do research on my symptoms and insist the doctor investigate more. You are right. I am far too young to feel this way.
Thanks, Judy

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Did the doctor check your thyroid? Fatigue is one symptom of low thyroid and often hits around menopause. I had to have half of my thyroid removed back in 1994 and got tired very easily. I am on thyroid hormone pills now and it has helped a lot.

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I don't believe he specifically checked for thryoid in my blood test.
I am seeing him next week and I'm going to request it.
Addison's disease has also been suggested.

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Hi Judy,
I am 54. For the past 10 years, I have had so many symptoms, and I never knew if they were because of the flu and pneumonia I had in l995, or the fibromyalgia I was diagnosed with after that, or perimenopause, which started around l996. At the beginning of all this, I needed 2 sinus I think the sinuses are somehow involved. My main complaint of my fibromyalgia was constant fatigue. It was horrible. My kids were young at this time, and life was very hard with all that fatigue. Nothing helped, except to pace myself, and know that I would only have about 2 hours of energy every other day. I was tested for just about everything......including Lyme disease, mono, parasites, etc. I was put on Wellbutrin for awhile, which helped some......but I couldn't get up to full dose, because it gave me irregular heartbeats. make a long story short, when I was finally able to wean myself off my HRT, most of my fatigue went away! Are you on HRT? I hate to think that all this fatigue was caused by those danged hormones. Perhaps what happened is that I just got "through" perimenopause, and finally got some energy back. Some people's fatigue is helped by HRT, but mine sure wasn't. Alot of other symptoms were helped, but not my energy.
I can empathize with you. So much of my time was spent lying down, dreaming of what life would be like if I had more energy. One thing I did was to limit my caffeine to 1 drink in the afternoon, after my nap, and that would give me a few more hours of energy.
Maybe you should take some methylcobalamine B12 tablets. It may help you feel better, even though your B12 levels are normal. One thing about B12 levels......if your doctor only got a B12 level, you still might not know if your cells are utilizing it. You need to get a Methylmalonic Acid test to show that. (MMA test).
Try to cut back on sugar and carbs, take lots of naps, and try to figure out when your best time of day is, and do your errands then. The rest of the time, try to be kind to yourself, and take it easy. You'll get your energy back again. I never thought I would, but I did, and I'm constantly thankful for it! I think some of us have bodies that are totally thrown for a loop with the hormone changes that come with perimenopause.
One thing about the sinuses.......they get really dry when your estrogen drops, so that may be what's happening with them. I use a home-made nasal spray of 1 cup water (boiled), 1/4tsp salt, 1/4 tsp baking soda. It helps alot! good luck to you Judy.

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Hi Catherine,
What a nice thoughtful reply. I'm very glad you are feeling better these days.
No I don't, and won't, take HRT. I believe there are too many cancers related to it. Just my belief.

I've added fibromyalgia to my list of things to investigate. Thanks for that suggestion. The information on methylcobalamine was also very interesting. I am going to ask my doctor about those 2 things when I see him next Tuesday.

My sinuses are anything but dry and sprays bother my stomach because of post nasal drip, which I have always. Two EENT's say I have good clear sinuses and need no further treatment????

I will take your thoughtful advice and 'be kind to myself'.
Thanks again for your response, Judy

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Hi again Judy,
Don't be surprised if your doctor doesn't know alot about fibromyalgia (he may not even believe in it), and I'm sure he won't know about the B12 tablets. I've discovered that almost all of my "conventional" doctors never believe in anything they haven't learned in school. It seems to give them a rather limited view of things, and they usually have nothing to offer me, or they want to give me too many medications. The B12 tablets you can get at a good health food store or on the Internet.
Another thing I wanted to ask you about when you began getting so tired......did you get bit by anything, like a tick or a spider? Lyme disease is getting alot more common, and can manifest itself with a variety of symptoms.'s probably just this danged "change of life"! I would never have believed that it could cause so much trouble, if I hadn't been living it myself!
Good luck Judy.

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I do agree that conventional doctors may have a limited view of some things, and try to pass you off with a pill of some sort. However, I'm going to press on with this, until something is found to be the cause, whether with his help or finding something on my own that helps. Failing all that, I may have to accept that it could be menopause.
I don't recall being bit, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have happened. How can I know if it is Lyme disease?
I do have good days and bad days which is strange. On Christmas day I made a sweet potato casserole (took about 45 minutes) and was so exhausted after I had to lay down for an hour. Then, yesterday I was in the kitchen making a different casserole for a couple of hours, and was fine. The activity that does it in for me seems to be walking or just being on my feet at all. It's very frustrating because I see so much around the house I want to do, and it just isn't getting done. Good thing hubby helps out. I'm lucky there, for sure.

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Well I saw the Dr. yesterday. He had already checked my thryroid in the tests 3 weeks ago. It was fine. He didn't feel he needed to check B12 for absorbtion when I asked him either. We discussed the possiblility of other diseases that could cause me to feel exhausted and he is more or less putting it down to Fibromyalgia??? (even though I don't have pain-the major symptom) or Chronic Fatique Syndrome. (probably the same thing)
Catherine, do you have a lot of pain with your fibromylagia?
He also took another blood test to check for Addisons' Disease.
Another posssibility, I think, could be not enough good sleep. I am making an appointment on Friday with a sleep lab. I know my legs jerk a lot at night and I have other things that indicate sleep apnea, and I wake up unrefreshed. That sounds like that could be the problem, because I read where if you don't get enough 'stage 4' sleep, you are not rebuilding your body tissues and organs. It's worth checking into anyway.
Everyone who answered my question here helped to educate me on all the things that could have, and still may be, involved here. I did a lot of research based on your suggestions. I want to thank all of you.
The answer is not a black and white one I guess, but I'll keep on turning over every stone.
thanks, Judy

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Hi Judy,
I'm sorry I haven't checked back here in awhile. Your fatigue sounds just like mine was. I got the flu and pneumonia back in l995, and I never seemed to get my energy back after that. Then, I slowly got more and more fatigued. Over the next 3-4 years, I had a foot surgery, 2 sinus surgeries, knee problems, developed IBS, sleep disorder, chronic daily headaches, panic disorder, and severe muscle/joint stiffness. I believe I even had mono during that time. It was hell. I went to all sorts of doctors, and nobody could find anything. All my tests were normal. Life was very hard for me, with 2 young kids. I needed 2-3 naps a day, and running 1 errand would just about kill me. I can remember being in the grocery store, so many times, and I truly didn't think I would make it out. I had to take life 1 day at a time. It got very depressing for a long time, with all the headaches and pain. But for me, the worst symptom of my "fibromyalgia" was the fatigue, not the pain.
Last year, I quit my HRT, and life started improving. (During those years, I also tried a couple antidepressant, which didn't help much.) I did try Wellbutrin for awhile, and it does help with energy. Many times it's given to people with chronic fatigue. It seemed to help with my stiffness also. I finally got off that last year too, because it was causing me some other side-effects. There is another drug for fatigue, called Provigil, that some people have alot of luck with. The only problem with drugs like that, is that you have to come off them sometime, and that can be difficult too.
Now, for about a year, I have felt pretty good, except for GI problems. As soon as I came off the HRT, my fatigue started improving, and my stiffness hasn't been as bad.
Over the years, I have talked to a ton of women who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue, when perimenopause I'm a big believer that some of us are truly knocked for a loop when we start losing our hormones, or they start fluctuating. May I ask how old you are? For once in my life, I was REALLY happy to be getting older, since I'd heard alot of these symptoms subside!
Of course, you should keep looking for what's wrong with you......but it wouldn't surprise me at all if it IS the perimenopause/menopause. Some people have never heard of the fatigue as a symptom, but for some of us, it definitely is!! I think I mentioned this above, but try cutting back on sugar and carbs, take a good multivitamin and B12. Eat fish and lots of veggies. Good luck to you Judy. I can so empathize with what you're going through! You WILL get through this! :)

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I am 56 this month, menopause for about 5-6 years, and have never taken HRT. I'm hoping as I get older this will subside but am not confident. I will try cutting back on sugar and carbs, and I do take vitamin supplements in mega form. I could eat more fish and will.
Interesting that fatigue was worse for you than the pain was. We are similar there for sure. I will look into 'Provigil'and Welbutrin' (sp?). The only stiffness I have is in my knees and also have a 'weakness' in my legs. They don't seem to hold me up very long anymore.
As mentioned in my last post, I will be looking into a sleep lab. On Tuesday, the Dr. gave me some mild sleep inhibiting drugs (lazapeme-1mg,). I have taken them for 2 nights now, and other than feeling a little sleepy in the morning, I don't feel the exhaustion when I do chores-yet anyway. I will take these for 4-5 nights and then stop. It is only an experiment to see if a good sleep is what I've needed all along. The sleep lab should help me decide that too. Sleeping pills will not be my choice of long term relief.
You sound like you have been through so much. I sincerely hope you can soon enjoy life to the fullest. You deserve the reward.
What we women have to go through!
Thanks, Judy

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Judy, I'm gonna suggest something but I may be way off. But I had symptoms similar to yours a few years ago. I woke up exhausted, had lots of sinus problems, sometimes a swollen throat too, but mostly just exhaustion and sinus problems. I would wake up so tired, wanting to call in sick for work, but I'd make myself go to work anyway. At work, I'd begin to feel better. After a while, I noticed that I was only sick at home. Anytime I left home, I felt better. Strange, I thought. I'm allergic to my house!

I mentioned my symptoms to a lady at the health food store, and she suggested I check my house for signs of mold. Apparently, the house I was living in had flooded a few years before. And sure enough, there was mold everywhere. I had seen it and never thought much about it. But the carpet was was hiding mold underneath, the walls were molded, everything was. Eventually, we replaced the carpet and all the walls and completely rennovated the place. And I haven't been sick since.

You might try spendign a few days away from home and see how you feel? And check around your house and in your heat and air system, etc. If you steam clean your carpet, you may have mold under it. It can hide anywhere, and I had no idea!

Just an idea. Hope you feel better soon.


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I'm really glad you uncovered the cause and that you are feeling better. That is a good suggestion because I know mold can be quite a problem and it's the last thing people think of. I feel pretty confident in saying we are pretty much mold free, only because we have just totally renovated the entire house. We even went down as far as the foundation and saw a good dry floor. Also, I know my husband is quite fussy at the way things are done in the house, and would have insulated correctly. We had our ducts cleaned and have only a couple of carpets in the whole house and they are new. However I will keep mold in mind. You never know.
What a good suggestion!!

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Hi again Judy,
I didn't realize you had added to this, and I didn't see it. Keep in touch as to how you're doing. Fatigue is such a horrible thing, we need to share whatever might help with each other! I have never been one to get urinary tract infections. But I had one awhile back. A few weeks ago, I had a little burning with urination, but just chocked it up to a menopause thing. My fatigue came back badly last week, plus now I'm having pain in my pelvic I'm thinking I have another infection. Hopefully, a few days of antibiotics will give me my energy back. It would make me so sad to think I'm back to being fatigued all the time again! But what I wanted to mention was that I guess it's fairly common for some women to develop UTI's (urinary tract infections), as they progress through menopause. Since this is possibly making me soooooo tired again, I just wanted to mention it to you, so you could be on the look-out for it. I've heard drinking lots of water and some low-sugar cranberry juice can help alot. Good luck Judy!

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Hi Catherine,
Urine sample was okay and bladder feels fine so I guess that's another rule out. I agree with you on the water and cranberry juice. I drink that stuff like it's going out of style. I'm really sorry for your set-back and hope you regain your strength soon and keep it. I'm sure the antibiotics will help with that.
Dr. also did another blood test for Addisons Disease and I haven't heard anything back so that must have been okay.
I go to a sleep lab on Mar 18. That should be interesting as I don't think I'll get much sleep there at all. I'm not good at 'sleep-overs'. I have to try it though. I have taken a mild sleep aid for a week to see if a good night's sleep helped. Can't be sure yet, because I caught a cold!!
I have had so many good suggestions but still can't blame my fatigue on any one thing, except maybe fibromyalgia, but when is anyone ever sure that's it? Very frustrating.
For sure, if any solid information comes up, I'll let all of you know. You've really hung in there for me and I appreciate it.

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Hi Judy,
The weird thing with me is that antibiotics make me feel horrible. There have been a few times that I couldn't complete them, because my fatigue got so much worse on them, that I just couldn't deal with it. The only thing I could ever figure out was that perhaps it worsened a yeast overload?? With my fibromylagia, I have gotten so many strange problems. I've never met anyone who felt so sick on antibiotics as I do. I really think alot of my symptoms come from having an unhealthy GI tract. And the antibiotics really make it worse.
Your sleep study will be interesting. Just make sure if you're supposed to be off your sleep med a certain length of time before it. I had one about 6 years ago. I'm like you.......I just couldn't sleep. I fell asleep at 4:00 a.m., and they woke me up at 5:30. My neurologist said it was all normal. I never understood how he could know that, with only 1 and 1/2 hours sleep! Be sure to take your own pillows. The ones they had for me were soooo flat!
Sleep problems seems to be a hallmark of perimenopause. Hopefully yours will subside soon. I had a rheumatologist who encouraged me to take tylenol p.m., in order to sleep better. I never tried it, as I tend to have a fear of meds.
When I started going through perimenopause, I would wake up about 5 times a night, and not be able to get back to sleep. I'm doing lots better now......and I think you will too, eventually. :)

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I may be on to something about my exhaustion.
I was watching Sylvia Brown (well-known medium)on Montell Williams show the other day. When someone asked her about her Fibromyalgia, Sylvia said that the key is a 'high protein diet'. Then I recalled that since I had quit eating cheese because of migraines, and had cut back on milk, I was worse than before. Well, having nothing to lose I started eating tofu and drinking more milk again. I think I might be improving.
I still will go through with the sleep lab but I'm hoping the increase in protein will help me. I know that with menopause I won't have 100% of my usual energy, but I'll take 70% over the 40% I've been getting.
I'll keep you informed. Maybe my experience will help others.
(also posted on Health forum)

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Hi Judy,
Well, I'm sad to say that alot of my fatigue is back. :(
It seemed to start when I had a cardiac stress echo, and got really REALLY nervous about it. Also, right after that, I fell off the low-carb wagon.....which may be the key right there. I am a total carb addict. I hate it. If I eat just a little carb, my entire existence then focuses on the next carb. I'm doing a little better. Also, I used to drink a coke in the afternoon for energy, but I'm starting to think it has the opposite effect, so I'm cutting that out. was my one little treat in the afternoon, and gave me about 2 hours of energy. A person could go crazy trying to figure cause and effect out! But more important than high protein, I think very low carb is the answer...... That just about leaves veggies, nuts and meat. I don't do well with milk products, unfortunately.
I had an ultrasound of my ovaries and uterus today, since I've been having pain. I have a cyst on both ovaries.... Supposedly, the cysts are supposed to go "poof" when you're in maybe my hormones are still the culprit?? What a drag, eh?
Well, I had a whole year of energy, so I guess I can't complain...... (well.....yes I can......and I'm going to! hahaha). Well, good luck with your search Judy, and I'll let you know if I find a cure! :)

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Hi Catherine,
Menopause is a total bummer isn't it? On top of that we can't even enjoy our goodies. What's left---celery?
Good luck on the ultra sound. Let us know what the results are.
I'm really sorry your fatigue is back, but don't give up and be nice to yourself any way you can.

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I also have such fatigue. Though I have Fibro, I know the fatigue is worsened by perimenopause. some days even thinking about a task is enough to knock me out.
Regarding Addison's Disease, my partner has it. It is extremely rare. Along with a kind of fatigue I cannot even imagine, with Addisons's she has hyperpigmentation of the joints, especially knuckles, elbows, knees, plus her tongue. If her med dose is too low, we can tell by looking at her tongue. It will turn black, as will her lips. Her symnptoms are completely controlled by hydrocortisone, and she is healthier than I am by far.
I am also a carb addict, and appreciate the info you shared in that area as well.
Blessings and health,

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Hi Sidd,
I really wonder if fibromyalgia is somehow related to perimenopause. My fms symptoms cleared up alot when I quit having periods. Then.....after 14 months of no periods, I got my incredible fatigue back and then guess what......I had a period!! I just know fluctuating hormones can cause this fatigue. carb addiction has gone through the roof, along with the fatigue. Bummer. Good luck with your symptoms......hopefully they will all pass, and your fms will ease up too. Also good luck to your partner with her Addison's.

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Boy - this is all sounds very familiar. I have fibromyalgia and herniated discs in my neck and back that affect my nerves.I have such profound fatique and pain. My doctor is thinking of trying thyroid supplement because my body temperature is very low often 95-96 and my blood pressure is 72/56- my thyroid tests are bordeline low..Has anyone with fibromyalgia had luck with thyroid supplements? I've been on a high protein, no carb , high alkaline veggie diet for 6 months that is supposed to rebuild my adrenals, help my thyroid normalize,heal my stomach and detox my system...and I am better in some ways...but fluish/lots of pain and exhausted most of the time. Since I am 46 I am wondering if peri-menopause is making it worse. My stomach can't tolerate most meds - I did a number on it with too much medicine for herniated discs in my neck. I just don't know how to cope with the fatique- it is just devastating. I was on low dosed of elavil for sleep and nerve pain and effexor for pain and energy boost. I saw a doctor that specialized in pain and fibromyalgia and the drugs did make me feel wonderful for a couple of months and then I got very ill and lost about 30 lbs in a couple of months. The withdrawal from the effexor was a bad experience even though these medications help the fatique and pain I would use great caution if you decide to try something like that. I've had some nerve testing and the doctor said people with fibromyalgia are physiologically differently.
I have cut out salt, nuts, dairy,fruit, grains, caffeine and sugar...all my tried and true energy boosts based on advice from a nutritionist and doctor.
It would be great to hear that some of you are doing better- if you have any tips I would love to hear em.

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Hi jb,
Sorry to hear about your problems. Fatigue is awful. You just feel like life is passing you by. Everything is hard to do. It sounds like you have great discipline with your diet. I guess I'm a big wuss.....and have trouble staying away from carbs.....even though I know it would help.
My fatigue has really waxed and waned over the past 9 years. At some points, I didn't think I was going to make it. Some times, in the grocery store, I'd think I was going to collapse. I took Wellbutrin for awhile and it helped a little with the fatigue, but it had too many side-effects. Those of us with fibromyalgia seem to be ultra sensitive to meds, or have opposite reactions to them. There's no way on earth I could take elavil......just 10 mgs once made me obtunded for 3 days.
Several docs have wanted to put me on Effexor, but I refused, having heard so much bad about coming off of it.
I think alot of meds work for awhile, then we seem to develop a resistence to them.
Are your periods still normal? Do you have any other signs of perimenopause? Are you on HRT? The best 9 months I've had in the past 10 years was when I came off the HRT. I didn't have a period for 14 months and felt great. Then, I started having a few periods again, and the fatigue returned. So I definitely suspect those danged hormones!
After awhile, I learned how to squeeze a little energy out of my day. I would take maybe 3 naps. I would plan all my errands in the morning, when I had the most energy. Try not to feel guilty about not being able to do everything you used to.
It sounds like your thyroid levels are on the low side. Your pressure is really low I would wonder about your thyroid.
I was tested for lots of things.......feritin levels, Lyme, heavy metals, mono, parasites, etc.
When I was going through the worst of this, I felt like I had the flu all the time. I had millions of tests, and everything was always normal. Every time I had blood drawn, I was sure it was going to show up something obvious......but nothing.
You could try the thyroid med. Some people feel lots better, and others don't with it. Are you happy with your doc? Do you feel like he's ruling all the other possibilities out?
I also use caffeine like a drug. I have some once a day, right before I'm going to do errands, and it helps get me through a few hours. Maybe wellbutrin might work for you. It helps with fatigue and might help with your blood pressure also. Good luck! I can so empathize with you!

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It's been a while, do any of you have an update? Hopefully you all have a complete recovery and are out doing cartwheels.

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Hi Daisy,
Actually, I had a really good 9 months last year, but then the fatigue came back. Presently, I'm continuing to struggle with it. But I really am becoming very aware of the fact that carbohydrates really play into this fatigue somehow. Also....what's interesting..........all those months that I felt good, I didn't have a period. Then I had a period and got tired again. I was feeling a little better, then got ovary pain for several weeks, last month. Now I'm extremely fatigued again. So........I'm also very sure that fluctuating hormones can cause this horrible fatigue. I'm just glad I'm 55 now, and hopefully, those raskely ovaries just did their final swan song!! I hope the rest of you are doing better!!

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Hi Catherine and Daisy,
Catherine I didn't notice that you wrote to me - belated thanks. I'm glad you had a few good months...does seem like your hormones are affecting you. Did you get an ultrasound for the ovary pain- you really should...speaking as an ultrasound tech.

I really hope you find your way out of the fatique again. It's easy to feel so discouraged when it falls apart but I think you will get there again. Your body has the ability to feel good so hang in there. Please get the ovaries checked out though- they can cause problems. I really like my osteopath - he is helping me with so many different from the docs that just told me I had to learn to live with the pain - and stay medicated.

I had the most amazing last couple of months- I felt better than I have felt in my entire life...all of a sudden the fatique let up- the pains are diminished and it is so easy to just do things..really exciting. The diet really makes a huge difference but it is so hard to stick to. I started feeling so good that I started adding foods I wasn't supposed to and the fatique and fluish feeling came back. Then I get major cravings for carbs and stuff- think it will give me energy and it doesn't. Once I start eating carbs it is really hard to cut them out again. Dang I wish I could just eat normal but feeling good is a pretty inspiring

I did start the thyroid meds and after I got the dose right they really help...but only if I stick to my diet... My physicisan tells me that if I stick with the diet a few more months my body will heal and then I can start adding back foods...and flavor. My husband thought the diet was ridiculous and wasn't very supportive but now that he sees how healthy I got ( and then crashed again) he is helping me stick to it.
Good luck - email me if you want and let me know how you are doing


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Wow, I'm so sorry so many are feeling badly. I can't really say, that at 54, I feel much different than I did before menopause. I do tire a little more easily, but I still have lots of energy and accomplish much every day. I feel great most of the time and have few hot flashes. I exercise regulary - I walk 4 miles 4 times a week and ride my bike whenever the weather permits - sometimes 30 miles a couple times a week. I take soy isoflavones twice a day and have few symptoms of menopause. I seem to only have hot flashes when I'm under a lot of stress and never have night sweats.....I count my lucky stars.

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Catherine, have you checked your iron levels? Bleeding can cause them to be too low thus causing your fatigue. I know this from personal experience as well as what several doctors have told me.

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Cattknap -- I don't think you're "lucky"... I think your experience is the direct result of your lifestyle. I believe that exercise IS the magic bullet.


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THanks Marie,
I will check my level, but I haven't had a period for almost a year, and then I only had 1 the year before that.
I have learned from my neurologist, though, that you should really check your ferritin levels, and what most docs consider "normal", is actually too low. I brought mine up a few years ago, and did feel better.

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My periods are all over the map and I'm having horrendous fatigue and sinus problems. I'm assuming that it's perimenopause. I turn 50 in two weeks.

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Hi cheerful,
I responded to your other post......but I thought I'd add a little levity here. I was thinking, that since you're going through perimenopause, you might have to change your username!! Maybe to "Sleepy" or "Grumpy"? hahahaha Hope I'm not offending you! I am ANYTHING but cheerful these days! :)

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CatherineT: Thanks for the responses. You are not offending me at all. Sleepy would be a great username!

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Told my GYN about the fatigue. She said it could be my thyroid. She's sending me for blood work. I have to wait until the third day of my period (which will be Wednesday). Anyone know why I would have to wait until the third day to get bloodwork?

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I am jumping her very late but need to tell you what happened to me. My doctor changed my BP meds and I was OK for about a week then I found I was so tired that I could barely function. The papers with the med said it would pass. After 2 more weeks of fatigue, eating (didn't need that) and crying jags I called the doctor and had the medicine changed. Take a close look at your meds and make sure something there is not causing fatigue.
Cheerful1 how did you make out with your bloodwork?

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I'm curious.....what BP med are you taking? I have had really bad fatigue ever since I developed fibromyalgia 10 years ago. But......2 years ago, I was put on Toprol for my blood pressure, and now I'm wondering if my fatigue since then is in part due to that.

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Kathy: My thyroid and blood count are fine. It turns out I'm in menopause! I had assumed I was in perimenopause, but it's the real thing.

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Hi cheerful,
I almost hoped, when I had my thyroid checked, that it would be a little low. I was hoping I could just take some supplmental thyroid, and I could get over this fatigue. Maybe you feel the same way? I'm just always tired. I've been fatigued most of the time for about 8 years now. Hopefully, I'll get my groove back. I haven't had a period for about 15 months......but I did get a migraine a week ago.......which tells me my ovaries are still sputtering along (even though I have no periods). So.......I'm hopeful that I still might feel better yet, when those guys finally bite the dust!
I hope you're feeling better soon too. This menopause thing can take awhile!

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Can't believe it's been 5 years since I posted on this subject.

I've been feeling worse lately. I don't sleep well, I don't think straight, I cry a lot (I'm crying as I write this). I feel like I don't have enough energy to get through the day. I do stupid things that get my husband mad at me. I've gained weight.

I've been on HRT for the last 3 years for my hot flashes.

My bloodwork always comes out normal, but I don't know why I feel so bad. I know I'm rambling, but I feel like I have to vent.

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Dear cheerfull, I read all your posts and feel so bad for you. I know exactly how you are feeling. Going through menopause also for the last six years. This last year the worst ever. I have constant fatigue. I fee so weak sometimes I feel like I can't walk. I use to go the gym 5 days a week but stopped 2 months ago. I have been to so may doctors, had sooooooo many tests. I can't stand it anymore. I cry almost every day too because I miss who I use to be. I don't even know what it is to feel normal. I am going to the endocronologist on Thursday. Last week had 11 vials of blood taken and going for the results. I refuse to believe the headrushes, internal tremors, constant weakness and fatigue, panic and anxiety, etc. has to do solely with menopause. I was always so healthy and happy. I go therapy. I was on anti-depressant for a year it actually made me feel worse and I went off it (no picnic) I am on HRT, xanax, inderal for the palpitations. Also on top of everything else my hair started falling out about six weeks ago. Will it ever end. So I say to you I am so sorry and a m crying for you right now and everyone else who is going through the same.

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I noticed the last time I posted on this subject was 2+ years ago.

I started weaning myself off the HRT on December 1. I'm now totally exhausted, moody, headachy, hot flashes coming back. I'm having a lot of trouble getting through the day.

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