left breast tenderness

scottishlass16January 29, 2013

Hi, im post menopasal no symptons at all, untill around a month ago. Left breast aches, and breast bone sometimes aches too. No increase in size, been checked by doctor cannot find any lumps. Does this sound familiar, really worried as it seems to be there all the time

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Dear Scottishlass16: About two years ago I was having pain in my left breast. Finally went to have a diagnostic mammogram. I was braced for bad news, but then they told me there was nothing there wrong and that it was probably caused by hormonal fluctuations. I was 50 at the time and in perimenopause. I hope you will get it checked out with a mammogram. Sasha

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I have had that too especially in the left breast and have had a couple of mamograms and everything is good. I am 58. It seems to be a lot worse if I do lifting or painting even tho I am right handed. Sometimes I get worried but by examining the right breast I find it is sore in the exact same places, just doesn't hurt like left one does.

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