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hotpotJanuary 29, 2009

Hi Ladies of the forum. Well, I have been going through menopause since I was 48, I am now 55. It has not gotten any better. I have tried accupunture, exercise -- didn't work. I have been on Activella on and off for several years-- it helps a little. Oh, I was also on herbs when I was taking accuputure. About two months ago, someone told me about Trivita super sublingual b-12. I have been using it along with the Activella --it hasn't worked. I had a complete physical. Had all kinds of blood work done -- vitamin B, thyroid, you name it, it was all good. Now my cousin said to try Lexapro. I have enough energy to get up in the morning, get to work and that is it. My husband is 62 and lots of energy. He wants to do things, but I am always tired. Please help.

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Hi hotpot
I think you should get your thyroid tested again. Hypothyriodism is one of the most underdiagnosed conditions around. Several poeple I know (including myself and other family members) have had to get the test done two or three times before the doctor was convinced that we needed treatment. Recent research has shown that different people have different baselines for thyroxine. So what might be "normal" for one person, is not actually enough for you. Before I started taking thyroxine (at 43 years), all I could do was go to work and come home to bed! Since I have been taking the thyroxine I have normal energy levels again.

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Hi hotpot,
I feel your pain........or should I say your fatigue. Actually, fatigue was my biggest problem with perimenopause and now menopause. My perimenopause started around 47 and I'm 58 now. I seem to go through spells. Sounds like you've tried alot of things. Some of the antidepressants have a stimulant-type Wellbutrin. Initially I got alot of energy with zoloft, but not any more. You might try something like Provigil.
I found that using caffeine very judiciously helped alot, but then it started giving me too many palpitations.
How's your diet? I've discovered that carbs and sugar really make me tired, and if I eat a lower carb diet, it gives me more energy.
Do you take a multivitamin every day too?
Are you on any meds?
How's your blood pressure?
I think some of us are so much more dependent on those old female hormones than some other women are.
Did you have any other kind of illness during this time, that may have affected you?
Any other symptoms? I have fibromyalgia, and lots of people with that have fatigue.

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Hi Kristine,

I will diffently get it checked again. I believe as you do that the standards that are set are not always correct for everyone. Thank you for your post!

Hi Catherine,

Sometimes I feel like it is what it is, and I am trying to go with it at this time. I was all for taking the antidepressant when I posted my concern. Now I do not feel as fatigued lately. Iam now starting to think that when you are going through menopause, a life experience work problems, sick parents, or planning a baby shower can make your systoms worse. For right now I will continue to take my activella and the B12. And reading this forum. Thank you for your post.

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The fatigue for me comes and goes. When I first started perimenopause I was all but comatose most days. It will last for a few-several months and then get better for awhile. I too notice a difference if I avoid sugar (candy is my weakness). Other women I know also say the same, they have more energy if they quit eating sweets for awhile.

I have restarted having regular periods again, and the over-whelming fatigue is back as well. I absolutely hate being tired 24 hours a day. Plus it effects your brain as thinking is muddled and the forgetfulness is 4x as bad. I'm also having joint pain now, my hips and my shoulders. My gyn did x-ray my hips and tested me for RA and fortunately both tests came back negative for any disease processes. So, it's apparently yet another side effect of perimenopause.

We just have to hang in there!

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Soy protein powder made into drinks in the morning helps (I like vanilla I call it my home made slimfast drink cold water few ice cubes and couple scoops of soy or soy+whey protein).

Drink a few big clean cold waters every day (go well with exercise). Exercise 1+ hour per day early. Not strenous but bicycle, walking, light weights jumping jacks punching bag (use gloves that hold the wrist tightly so you dont hurt your arms) maybe eliptical trainer.

drink fresh homemade juices (carrot pear apple is my favorite) - once you are exercising more than an hour per day for a week you should be able to eat whatever you want to so long as it is not overloaded with salt sugar carbs. Breaded Chicken parm with hot sausage mmm.

Do not watch your weight like a hawk because it is irrelevant to your energy level at the point where you are missing your life for lack of energy to wake up and live it, the loss of energy will make you sleep until you wake up in an old age home like Rip Van Winkle. Black cohosh helps. eating lots of edamame helps. Sleeping very well also helps. I use valerian, typtophane and melatonin before bedtime. Sometimes those cheap $2 nightime sleep aids from walmart too. 8-9 good solid hours of deep sleep can do amazing things for your energy level!

Most of all stop worrying what everyone else thinks!! If your body feels it should be 10 pounds more or less the exercise and healthy diet with a healthy hunger will place you where you ought to be - never starved for calories or starved for energy.

Exercise will increase energy level 5X and so will eating a big delicious meal without worrying about how many calories it contains.

Trying to find a magical pharmacological solution to the problem of aging if dangerous waste of time. The sooner you admit that there is no silver bullet no magic pill that will balance your life, the better your life will be.

The pharma companies will confidently happily give you cancer and then rejoice in giving you all their other wares like chemo and radiation therapy until they have used you up in body and financially.

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