Valentines Day

ChantelFebruary 9, 2002

What are you going to do for your spouse?

We decided to not get candy and flowers for each other but may try and spend some alone time together. I was thnking of buying some pretty stationary, scent it and then hand write a love letter or peom to him.

How about you? What are you going to do?


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I wrote him a letter and stuck it in the mail... I just put a heart instead of a return address (you know, so he can wonder for a moment LOL!) Last year was a big, funny fiasco for us, so we will probably just spend the evening together AT HOME. DH and I had been dating for four years, but had never been together for Valentine's Day (he worked out of state a lot). So last year we planned on spending a nice romantic night together, going out to a nice place for dinner. Well, neither of us ever even thought about making reservations for dinner on Valentine's Day (duh!) So we drove around for like three hours trying to find any place that didn't have a line out the door... no luck. At this point I was STARVING and did not want to go all the way home and cook. We drove by a Hooter's and I said "I bet they're not full, and I want a burger NOW!" LOL, the place was empty, and I devoured the burger. I told DH he better appreciate a wife who will take him to Hooter's on V Day. LOL!

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Thanks, Mausie, good idea. (Not the Hooters part! LOL) Think I'll mail DH a semi-naughty little letter to work!

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We have decided just to buy cards for one another. I may fix a special meal for my DH.

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I bought a really nice card for DH and will cook him his favorite meal, beef stroganoff and scalloped potatos. Last year we tried to do the whole nice dinner thing and we ended up at McDonald's because we didn't make reservations.

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I don't want dinner!!! I don't want roses or candy. I've already bought some wine, incense, wonderful smelling body oil. We're married - I'm going to get my money's worth out of this marriage license!!! Ordered some satin sheets - hope they get here on time or we'll have to do it all over again next week when they arrive!!!

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With the help of some posters on the Recipe Exchange, I'm going to (try to) surprise DH with a copy of a dinner we had on vacation one year that we both really enjoyed.

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i always get my wife a nice card, this seems very important to her. beyond that we dont do anything.

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Rosie i love your post. I feel the same way. I think I will surprise with a candle light home cooked dinner, some roses and some sexy lingere, its on after that.

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