Is this peri-menopause?

dianamo1January 19, 2002

Hi, I am new to this forum. I have been experiencing changes in my monthly cycle and my gyn has put me on a low dose birth control pill---which I hate the idea of. My husband got a vasectomy so I could avoid hormone treatment. Anyway, I am 36 years old and when I approached the menopause subject with my gyn, she told me I was too young. I had increasing problems with longer, heavier periods and short time between periods. The birth control pill seemed to help after the first two months, but I am again having multiple periods in a month. The PMS is awful---twice a month I become this other person and I can not handle my three children very well. I never experienced PMS like this before. I have very, very little interest in sex, which is not popular at home. My periods also come with cramps waking me in the night and I do have night sweats. Are there any of you out there having these problems at a "young" age??? My problems started a year after I had my third child, and he is now 3. I just can't afford losing 2 weeks of my life every month. Does anyone have any suggestions or imput---Thanks---dianamo1

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You could certainly be in perimenopause. I ran into the same disbelief from my doctors when at 38 I asked if I might be in perimenopause. They said no and at 42 I am now in post menopause. Guess who was right? :o) All the women on my father's side of the family have been post menopause by the age of 45 and some earlier. I think that the birth control pills helped me as my symptoms were very mild and I attribute this to the pill. However, everyone is different and you might want to do some research. One good place to start is As you are so young, if you do believe you are in perimenopause, you might want to see a reproductive endocrinologist as you have special concerns, i.e. osteoporosis, etc. Read earlymenopause postings and you will get a better idea of your concerns.


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Hi, I'm 40, and I was having some of the same problems, especially Emotional upheavals. I did a little research on "5htp". It's a natural product that helps your own body to produce serotonin. Which helps keep you calmer. Some Dr.s prescribe it like you would use prozac. And it really works. Helps to control the carb craving also. You can get it at most health food store, and Wal-Mart.

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Many of your symptoms are all too familiar to me, especially the loss of sexual interest. This was troubling to me not only for my husband's sake, but for mine also, since I truly enjoyed our sex life before this all started happening. The advice posted above is good. The main thing is to get started and not give up. I eventually whipped this problem and I have my life (and especially my sex life!) back. I had to realize that the "ME" I knew loved sex with my husband, so I knew this wasn't "ME". I knew that my sex drive at my age should actually be increasing, not decreasing, which made it even more disturbing. I tried so many things, I don't honestly know what (or what combination) worked, but my husband is back to being satisfied and I think a little tired! and my kids like me a little more. For the first time in years, it was me who was wishing I could sneak home from work for a "quickie." I encourage you to not suffer any more and find some answers, as much for you as for him. Sometimes it's full-time work buy you have no choice but to do it. It's great to act like a 20 year-old (at least in the bedroom) again! Once I got the PMS under control and delt with the depression medically and through counseling (I think I had at least some of this problem before peri-menopause), I was happier and the desire for sex returned. Once it returned, it started a cycle of making everything better. It was a strong signal that I was getting better. It's not just men who are happier with a good sex life!!! Sorry for telling you more than you probably wanted to know about me! Hope this helps and hope you feel better soon.

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