labladyJanuary 6, 2002

I just read an article in Woman's Weekly that states that the antidepressant Wellbutrin increases the libido. Anyone had experience with this drug? I seem to remember someone at this forum saying that she had an increase in libido and that her doctor told her it was from Wellbutin.

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I tried it once..maybe a year ago... to quit smoking... and i didn't like it... and it did not increase libido....(even in my present state I would definately remember THAT!).... but I had a real noticeable boost in libido when I took estratest (estrogen and testosterone pill).... 1/2 of a pill was great once in awhile instead of plain estrogen... but a whole pill made me pretty confrontational and argumentative at work (suprised the boys!).... I told my doctor it was tooo much, I felt like going out and killing my dinner and dragging it home.... I guess it's all about balance and your particular system. Good luck! :)

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