New River Cabinetry

olivertwistkitchenJanuary 13, 2013

Any experience with New River Cabinetry?
They're the less expensive version of CWP.

I thought I posted this question a few weeks ago but I don't think it worked because I can't find that post now. Thanks.

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Also sold as Embassy House. Made in usa with chinese ply and drawer glides. Not sure what they use for drawer box, might be that rainforrest wood, doesn't look like maple but I could be wrong. For flush finished sides they use an applied panel on a standard box at no charge.
Last I knew the insets were only done one way which was a bit odd, 1/8" radius on both frame and door, concealed blum hinges.

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Jakuvall, are you sure?
They said it was solid wood cabinet fronts and drawers.
From their website: Building quality cabinetry is our priority. Providing you with cabinetry that is beautiful, durable and affordable is our commitment to you. Go ahead, take a look at how our experienced craftsmen put together our cabinets and then compare our construction to other cabinetry brands. There is no comparison. All wood construction, including natural Birch plywood tops, bottoms, backs and sides, and solid hardwood doors and face frames. All backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.

Natural Birch plywood interiors have the look of true custom cabinetry and our limited lifetime warranty guarantees the cabinets are as durable as they are beautiful.

All wood construction, gives this cabinet structural stability and enduring quality.Face frames are constructed of �" solid hardwood using time tested double pocket screw joint construction, which can be found in fine furniture.The drawer slide is a soft and silent self closing full extension slide. It is fully concealed so that the slide is not visible. The dovetailed hardwood drawer box is easily removed from the slide for cleaning using the easy release handles on the under side of the drawer. All of this includes a 75 lb. load capacity and a life time warranty.Shelves are �" thick natural birch plywood with wood banding on the front and are fully adjustable with hidden locking shelf pins.

Now you have me seriously worried.

Would CWP be better?

This is the line my KD recommended for me.

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Oh, man, you have me totally freaked out. We are trying to do a kitchen that is as environmentally friendly as possible. I gave up on it being totally ideal because I can't find any local dealers for the "known" environmentally friendly lines.

First KD recommended Wood-Mode. New KD (who we are going with) is not a Wood Mode dealer but told me that CWP and New River are equivalent to Wood Mode.

I just called the company - same company for New River and CWP. This is what they told me, please tell me if this sounds right...

First, the rep told me that just the faces are solid (for both lines), and that the entire box is plywood. She (and my KD) told me that this is pretty standard, and that we would NOT want the box on the inside to be solid wood because it would be more likely to warp if solid rather than plywood.

For New River (their semi-custom line), she told me the plywood was imported from Vietnam or China and is "Carb 2" compliant (which sounds like it is required to be, so nothing special there). She told me all the solid wood was domestic, but none was from a FSC forest, although it sounds like that may be a tough certification to attain. She told me they have "Title V" something-or-other in Virginia indicating their emissions are very good with low formaldehyde.

With the custom line, CWP, she told me the major difference was that the plywood used inside would be domestic instead of imported. There would also be the option to pay for an upgrade for formaldehyde-free plywood from a plywood company in Virginia, which is not an option in Virginia.

Does any of this make sense?
Is it true that most good custom or semi-custom companies use solid fronts and not the inside boxes which are plywood?


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1- Yes I am sure. I went down to the basement to double check a sample cabinet before I posted.
As I said I'm not sure about the drawerbox, website just says "hardwood".

Sides of cabinets- Yes that is true-No one uses solid wood sides unless they are panels, well there is one that comes unfinished that does a solid wood side. Overall not a great idea.

IMO- CWP is a notch below Wood-Mode (and less expensive) but it offers a bit more flex in design.
New River/Embassy House is a notch or two below Brookhaven, those who feel plywood of any type is important would disagree as Brookhaven is particle. I have sold both and sell neither now.

I was a RichMaid dealer (still recieve the newsletter so guess I still am)- same company as CWP, New River, Embassy House. You need to look at the cabinets there are some differences in construction between the semi and the custom lines.

Both are made well.

They had some issues back a ways which is why I don't say I'm a dealer now. All companies have issues at times and I would think they have taken care of it by now or they wouldn't be around. I wouldn't take that too seriously. Everything was taken care of that needed to be. I just had to move on, I'm too small.

FSC certification for an entire cabinet order is rare and expensive. I had one company that could do that at a 25% upcharge- they went out of business- and it had to be shipped within 500 miles of the factory. I would not worry about that at all, it is overkill. FWIW the most "LEED" points you can get on a cabinet is using particle board construction and thermofoil doors.

Formaldehyde free is nice if it is important to you personally. Given current standards and keeping in mind that no matter what the substitute is there will be "something"; I don't find it a big issue. Rarely see anyone willing to pay the upcharge. Though I do handle a brand where that is standard and gladly point that out to clients :)

Certification from the KCMA's Environmental Stewardship program has developed into something that is pretty good and available in a lot of brands. I believe it has improved standards and conditions in the industry, more so than any individual companies hype. I now consider that a minimum for me to carry a brand. (along with no chinese glides)

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Thanks but I am still confused.
You are saying that plywood (and not solid wood) is standard for the main box of the cabinet?

New River does have KCMA's certification.
Other than the plywood being from China, is there another downside? I could upgrade to CWP to get USA plywood.

In terms of the flexibility of design, we are able to do everything we want with New River including weird sizes and even a draw with a cut out to accomodate a hanging down compost pail the counter, so I'm not that worried about the customizablity of the line.

I guess I'm looking for a bottom line-go ahead and place my order or look for something else? Thanks.

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Yes I am saying the plywood not solid wood is standard for the main cabinet box. AND is preferable.

I said KCMA ESP (Environmental Stewardship Program) certification, that is very different and much harder to get than just KCMA certification.

The downsides are chinese plywood and drawerglides and if you are doing inset (unless they recently changed how they do inset) If you have looked at finished sides and are happy with how they do that then your fine.

You have to make the assessment.

"...bottom line go ahead...
I don't think it my place to recommend or not- only to provide technical information that might be less available or apparant. I'll give my opinion on how one brand compares to another but indicate it is only my opinion.

In the long run-(I tell my clients this)-
...once your are looking at a middle of the road semi-custom or above(whether I sell it or someone else does) it will hold up for a long time. Brand to brand differences are in details, finish, grading, quality control, sometimes style. Many people will not notice,some will.

I also think that who you buy from is more important than which brand. If there is a problem, and they happen, you want someone you are comfortable will see it though in a timeley manner. If your happy with the KD,(sounds like they've been straight with you) then do what best suits your budget.

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I'm curious what you were able to find out and ultimately decided on...

My KD is also recommending New River, over Merrilat and American Woodmark/Shenandoah (HD/Lowes), for a similar price.

I can't seem to find New River on the KCMA website.

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Tired of "looking around" and spinning my wheels so will just go with it and hope for the best.

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FWIW, New River Cabinetry is NOT KCMA certified... This has me doubting this selection and might just end up with American Woodmark.

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New River is a better cabinet than Woodmark (shenandoah/timberlake) or Merrilat classic in spite of any reservations I might with it.

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I got your email but couldn't respond to you because of your settings on gardenweb.

We are all set to order shortly, so no experience yet, but yes, we are going with New River after all.

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I have been in the building and real estate industry for 30 years and the New River cabinetry line is a fantastic value and very well made. I researched many custom cabinet companies built locally near our home and also outside the state of Illinois. The cabinet quality, finishing, and interior glides/hardware is excellent and the workmanship exceeds that of many high end kitchen manufacturers that I have physically viewed. I designed our kitchen layout and elevations and ordered the cabinets through a New River vendor on the East Coast who tweaked the measurements to conform with the New River specs. He discussed with me their bench made manufacturing process while comparing to other competitors that CWP (new river manufacturer's highest end Line) actually competes with. We chose a Saddle stained Victoria cherry inset raised panel cabinetry and custom end panels for our 15' island which are built directly into the box frame providing a seamless custom look. The wood hood was custom sized/built to accept a vent-a-hood exhaust system and the workmanship is exceptional with no indication of any seams on the edges of the shroud. The cut outs for our Wolf single ovens and built in refrigeration systems with raised panels were on the mark. This type of design should definitely be reviewed and double checked by a cabinet designer because the manufacturer is not liable once the order is placed. We have a very large kitchen consisting of many plywood boxes, details with crown, interior accessories, beaded base and shoe and the entire inventory was shipped without flaws. I am an incredibly meticulous person, so the the furniture grade quality of the cabinets was above my expectation compared to many high end bracket competitors' product. Email me for more info, I can email some photos, the kitchen layout and design is magazine quality. I believe the reason that the cabinets are so reasonably priced is because the door styles, stains, and paints are very limited in the New River Line but for an additional cost there is an up charge which could place you into their next price bracket of cabinetry which includes more styles, finishes, and paints within the cost.

Good Luck,
Danny G

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djg_1: Why don't you post some pictures here since you don't have anyway to email you set up.

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Anyone know how thick the plywood sides are on New River Cabinets? I thought my KD told me they were 5/8", but when I called the company to double-check, they told me they were only 1/4".

Also, I think the box is mortise/tenon joint. Correct?

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