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yayagalJanuary 24, 2014

Is there any way to disable the ads on this page, they're driving me crazy. I have Adblock but it doesn't seem to work here. Am I setting it wrong? I've been looking at the same comfort food for months now and I don't want to learn the basics of composting plus the video ones are the most annoying. HELP>

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You can block the pictures at least by right-clicking on the picture and on the very bottom of the pop-menu choosing AdBlock Plus: Block Image.

I find that if I block the image, I don't even notice the text.

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AdBlock Plus works for me, using Firefox.

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my firefox and adblock plus don't hide the images and text on the right side any more, so I just zoom in so they are out of the screen (I have a laptop, so it's easier to see what I want that way, too. Hmmm, maybe I'll see if there is an update I've missed on adblock plus.

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If your ad blocker is not working, I am suspicious of your ad blocker. Don't just dowload any old ad blocker program/add-on/plugin. There is much spyware and malware masquerading as antispyware! Read more at this link:

Fake and rogue antispyware programs:

Know what you are installing as an add-on or plugin.

If you are using Mozilla Firefox, install Adblock Plus:

Carol in Jacksonville

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Okay I right clicked and a box came up that said
report issues on this page
open blockable items
filter preferences etc. but no place that says block this, do you think this the right or wrong download?

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yaya, it sounds like maybe you right clicked on the whole web page rather than a specific image. I can't verify that here tho because I have no images to click on.

I actually switched from AdBlockPlus to AdBlock Lite a few years ago when I discovered that Plus had so many things whitelisted it made no sense.

The key part about any Adblock is the filter list that you subscribe to. I don't know what the default is these days, but my filter subscription is EasyList. Over the years I have added many ivillage custom filters as well, but I think the builtin subscription filters have caught up with ivillage ways since then.

You can check what subscription filter you have by going to Adblock menu (toolbar icon) and select Preferences and then Filters menu and then select Add Filter Subscription. It will show your current subscription. (these menu directions are based on my Adblock Lite and may be stale. I haven't updated in eons. Using ABL version 1.4.3).

For regular Adblock Plus, there is also an EasyPrivacy subscription list to stop (slow down?) those nasty tracking cookies. There is a subscription option of: EasyList+EasyPrivacy.

Yes, always get Firefox addons from Mozilla site.

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Thank you Wendyb, you've been very helpful and I'm all set now. I did what you said plus I learned something.

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I learned something too. I went to the Adblock Lite add-on page on mozilla to see if I should consider upgrading my old version. Lo and behold, Adblock Lite is discontinued. Adblock Lite has been replaced by Adblock Edge.

A little reading and I also discovered a big change. The major objection and abandonment of Adblock Plus was when they started allowing "acceptable" ads that meet certain low-annoyance criteria and for a fee from the advertiser to ABL! Wha?!?!

That was a few years ago. Now they say there is an option to NOT have exceptions for so-called "acceptable" ads. If you have that version of AdBlock Plus , you should look for that option and set it so no ads means no ads.

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Those are not really ads are they ?
Aren't they just various topics within GW.
I often click on the Most Recent Posts to see what is being posted on forums I don't visit .

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