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Hi, yes, it makes sense. In a vaginal hysterectomy the uterus is pulled down and out of the vagina. This stresses all the tissues that support the bladder and bowel. If it was me, I'd much rather have the abdominal surgery. Would you mind saying why you are having the hysterectomy?

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I don't know about the bladder contraindication but I had a laparacopic vaginal hysterectomy (also cervix and ovaries removed) June 2000 and was ecstatic about it. 23 hour hospital stay, no scar, and up and around in less then two weeks. I remember my sister was out of work for 5 - 6 weeks and quite wiped out for a long time after her abdominal one. So when there's a choice, which for cneset doesn't seem possible, I'd go with it. But I understand you need an experienced and skilled surgeon for this relatively new procedure.

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Hi - I had an abdominal hysterectomy for removal of uterus 3 years ago. I was out of hospital on the 4th day and made a speedy recovery. Since then I have been exceptionally well and very pleased with the outcome.

My scar was a horizontal one, small and neat and isn't noticeable at all.

Good luck


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Has anyone experienced lack of sexual drive due to their hysterectomy? Just curious, as it seems that I have lost a lot of my desire since then.

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I found no difference after my hysterectomy.


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I had a total hyst.(vaginal lap.) 2 years ago and had no problems whatsoever. Unless you have had bladder or bowel problems in the past there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to have a vaginal hyst. Does your Dr. feel good performing Laparoscopies? Is this one of his/her specialties? You might want to get a 2nd opinion. It can make a 4week recovery diff. Also, Laparotomies are a more serious surgery(pushing aside the fact that All surgeries Are serious) Good Luck, Kristy

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There are some reasons why a vaginal hysterectomy can't be done and in my case it was because my uterus was too large to be removed that way, so an abdominal hysterectomy it had to be.

Good luck

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I diffently noticed a lack of sex drive since my surgery. My husband said some of the men he works with were talking about their wives and they said the same thing. (Of course my husband said he didn't say anything about me ;)!) I know now that menopause is here and it sure hasn't helped an already bad situation!

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Im 46 I had a hystectomy about 3 years ago. she [dr.]decided to do a vaginal,leaving ovaries in. well the hystectomy was easier than having my children as my first weighed 10lbs12 oz the other 2 were 10 lbs. I had to laugh I woke up to find this gorgeous male all dressed up in leather coat. I thought who the hell is this.I had a woman dr. never seen him. Well he preceeded to tell me he helped with the hysterectomy and was telling me was my uterus ever large. She come in next day to tell me she had trouble getting it out her arms actually hurt from pulling. well everything went fine end of 6 weeks I was invited to a banquet ,felt fine i was going up the stairs to get ready and could hardly lift my leg my knee hurt real bad. I went to banquet to move my leg I had to reach under table with both hands and hold my breath to keep from screaming to move my leg it hurt so bad, Well next morning i got up no pain at all. As the day went on the other leg my ankle same thing it hurt soo bad. It went all through my body hands,feet,arms,legs some days arms and legs both. I couldnt go stairs my husband had to help. i couldnt get out of a chair he had to help as I couldnt put weight on my hands to get up. I called ,this went on for 1 1/2 months.She wouldnt see me.She said it wasnt her problem. I said you were last one that worked on me. no she wasnt interested.I think a nerve was damaged Thinking of her pulling like she said she did to get uterus out.Has anyone else had this.?

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How pain is associated with a hysterectomy? I have been in menopause for 3 years and suddenly started to have a period, ultrasound shows so many fibroids that they can't see the ovaries or lining and one is particularly big and I'm worrying about a hysterectomy..

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They did my hysterectomy vaginally and it should have been done cutting. I was told they really had alot of trouble removing I tore and about 6 weeks qafter I had problems the dr s never told me but I think something was wrong It started I had pain in right knee could hardly walk .The next day it totally dissappeared then in my foot. It moved all over different joints at last I couldnt even get out of a chair alone my husband had to help me.I couldnt go stairs. It was bad.All of a sudden one day it stopped.Im wondering was it a reaction to a medication,nerve damage what.I could never get an answerfrom the drs.

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I had a hysterectomy at age 43 when I was attending law school. I was diagnosed with menorrhia and had abdominal surgery. The good thing for me was that Doctor got to clean out some scar tissue growing from two previous C-sections. I had my Christmas vacation to recuperate and back to law school.I have never regretted having this done. The hot flashes came later but were not unexpected. I have never felt better.

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