jules1971January 5, 2014

Hi, I am 42 and just over 3 years ago I was told I'm in perimenopause, the worst for me is the palpitations I've had a ECG about a year and half ago all ok, but recently they are much worse every night my heats just skips beats constantly for an hour or more sometimes. it's really scaring me. I have stopped taking HRT at GP's request as my periods were so heavy he told me to try a few months without them. I've not yet had a period since? Don't know if that's a good thing or not, I was wondering if anyone else has these palpitations as bad and any idea' show to reduce them they are driving me crazy, they are worse in the evening and some nights. :(

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As per whatever you have described palpitations are not a symptom of perimenopause or withdrawal of HRT.I think its better if you consult a cardiologist for palpitation problem.

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I started having the palpatations or heart racing when I first started perimenopause. I got just about every symptom suddenly. My doctor (primary and gyno) said everything was fine, just one of the many possible symptoms. The have since stopped along with the hot flashes. I'm just taking some supplements as I don't plan on taking any HRT. My drs. agree to avoid hrt but that is a very personal decision.

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I've been to the doctor several times over the past few weeks for the same flip flop sensation with my heart. It is scary to say the least. Mine are also more prevalent in the evening. My doc says she gets these too. She says it is partial menopause, as well as stress. She and I noticed that it happens more during shallow breathing for both of us. You should definitely have it checked out w/your doc again just to be safe.

I started practicing breath work and it is helping. Also, I began to massage my intercostal muscles, as well as other accessory breathing muscles and found that it helped the musculature around my heart to relax, which considerably reduced the flip flops.

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I have seen GP again and had an ECG yesterday all normal, flip flop still same every night, didn't happen during ECG as it was daytime, arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh
Feel like I'm going crazy :S

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Been through this too. Yes, it is very unnerving. Have worn halter monitor and had EKGs done and nothing shows up. These began during perimenopause and have subsided as I've gone into actual menopause. Proper rest, meditation, prayer and learning how to cope with stress helped me, along with taking certain vitamin supplements. I, too, discovered I was holding my breath when I was under stress (three teens = stress). As with many of these troubling symptoms, it's a good idea to discuss what's going on with your doctor. He/she may say it has "nothing to do with perimenopause," just like mine said my aching joints/muscles had nothing to do with it. After many tests all showing up "negative" for serious diseases, I came to understand these issues were indeed hormone related. Hang in there. Eventually the heart palpitations will become less troublesome. Keep the faith!

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