hot all night long

rfordham811January 6, 2009

hello there. i am trying to get a sense of whether my symptoms could be perimenopausal. a month ago one night, i suddenly began getting significantly overheated at night, first while i slept, and then also toward evening time. this started after a significantly stressful event (6 weeks) of a diagnosis of IBS, where i experienced high levels of anxiety and subsequently went on anti-depressants (paxil). i am 41 years old, and my periods are as regular as they have ever been. i can not describe these episodes as 'hot flashes' because they are not flashes - they last all night long. i am not running a fever, either by mouth or skin temperature. when i am hot there is flushing of my skin, but i am not bright red. my throid tested normal, as did a test for TB. i am not soaking the sheets, only slight 'contact' sweating (like where my legs touch together). at night, my hands get so hot they are burning. if i get out of bed, i cool down, but as soon as i lie down again, i feel like a radiator. and here's the crazy thing - if i sleep in past sunrise, i am suddenly able to sleep and tolerate the bedcovers, even feeling warm and cozy or having a chill or two. i have no other symptoms, and tests since my IBS diagnosis have been normal (colonoscopy, red/white blood cell count, abdominal ultrasound, parasites, thyroid). Could this be perimenopause?

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I just finished treatment for Breast Cancer and they checked my menopause status with just blood work. Ask your gyno or family doctor about that.
What is IBS? Irritable Bowel Synd.

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I also experience nights where my whole body is much so that I shed my pajamas. I always sleep with the windows cracked open for cool air. Usually I need PJs to feel warm, but on those hot nights, I sleep comfortably without PJs. Just had a hot night two nights ago. Felt like I was burning up, head to toe. I also had a heavy night sweat night this week. Definitely peri-menopause. Don't panic.

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It's all part of the CHANGE. My GYN said that during Menopause you get "all kinds" of heat issues, not just hot flash'es. :) Arum

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