Lumps and bumps?

shaknzmomJanuary 14, 2008

I have a couple of lump/bumps in the under side of my upper arms. I had my Gynecologist feel one, which she said feels like a fatty lump. Fine. Since then, I got one on the other arm...but it feels like a pebble under my skin. It's really small, and it's 'sore' under my skin when I touch it. I've been told that if it's sore, it's not cancerous. She said the ones to worry about are the ones that aren't sore/don't hurt. She said the ones that do hurt are hormonal.

Does that sound right/familiar? I don't want to be paranoid and waste the doctors time...but I don't want to miss something that could be a problem either.

Just looking for others' opinions/experiences. :)


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She didnt think it could be a swollen lymph node? Sometimes they get like that when you have a small infection somewhere. Here's the thing , whatever it is, it should go away in a couple of three weeks. If not, go to your internist, they see more of it. It is your body, if you feel iffy about it get a needle biopsy, chances are it is absolutely nothing. Where you just doing your monthly check when you found it? I dont now, nor did I ever believe the "sore or not" . Do not hear that I am saying you have something bad, just have another opinion, thats all I am saying. I had a few bumps a couple of years ago. They were ingrown hairs from using a cheap blade and drying soap.
As far as wasting the Drs. is why they are paid.

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I would get them checked out for your peace of mind.

You're not wasting their time, you're safeguarding your health.

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This is kind of weird, as my 19 yr. old daughter had me feel both of her arm pits for something she just noticed. What I felt was a small (about the size of a little pea) somewhat pliable lump under both her arms. She said that it hurts a little when they are poked.

I can't imagine that it's something serious (denial I know) as they are so small and symmetrical and she has recently been sick.

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nodes shouldnt stay swollen more than 3 or 4 weeks, unless there is an on going infection or long lasting virus....So just keep watch on them.

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