Reveal: Aqua and Moroccan Tile Kitchen

rmiriamJanuary 13, 2014

Hi all,

I mostly lurk here, but have learned so much from you all in my two kitchen renos that I feel like I have a true GW kitchen, even if it's a little off style-wise. Special thanks to mamadadapaige, among others, who helped me immensely with the layout.

This kitchen reno involved tearing down two of the walls of the original kitchen to open the space to living/dining room to replace the 1949 9x9 kitchen. We also closed up one door to the back room, enlarged another opening and added pocket doors, and added a full bath and laundry room (in existing footprint). I have found the kitchen a dream to cook in, and have been surprised at how many of my friends have been envious of the drawers...guess word is spreading!



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Kathy Rivera

Love, love, love!

So beautiful and SO unique!! Love the color, love the backsplash, and love the shallow pantry turned sideways (b/c I have one, too, and it's fab!) ;-)

You need to share the details!

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I love it! That tile is amazing. I was -thisclose- to using a similar tile, but then I would have had to change up a bunch of stuff.

Looks like a joy to cook in! And for "those days", the wine is close at hand :-)

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LOVE! Especially the cabinet color.

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robo (z6a)

very cool! I have similar tile just waiting to be installed behind my stove, but now I regret and wish I'd been bold enough to buy for the whole kitchen! Love the aqua as well! This looks like a very fun place to hang out.

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Wow! That is a unique tile! I love it and the whole space.

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Whoa! Close-ups of all kinds of stuff are in order here, starting with that tile. Lots of pics, please!

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Congratulations! I love the aqua and the Moroccan tile! and the alphabet blocks :)

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Love it! What color are the cabs and what brand? THey are beautiful! Where did you get the tile? Also, the wood floor is gorgeous. Cant believe this is the same kitchen as the before pics. Definitely one of my favorites.

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I would love to know about your countertops, as well.

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What a wonderful new kitchen. It looks like such a nice family space (love those alphabets too!) and has so much personality. Congratulations for having the chutzpah to pick the tile - it's wonderful. Bet it didn't feel like a safe choice at the time, and it's what makes the kitchen.

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It's so much improved it really doesn't even look like the same space. I scrolled back and forth a few times to enjoy how many great changes you made! Love the results, colors, finishes, it's all just lovely. Creative use of that wine space, too! Hope you enjoy it every day!

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it is awesome! i especially love the cabs and am wondering what they are? truly an amazing transformation

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Love the tile and the open shelving. Enjoy your new kitchen.

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WOW!! I love how it looks and looks like it fits well in with the home too. Do you have a final floorplan to share as in what was changed to fit all you did in the existing foot print. I'm just curious so no biggie if you don't.

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I love it! Nice job. I really like the microwave and drawers next to the fridge, it looks unique (to me, at least, I don't see tons of kitchens) as well as functional.

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Great kitchen! Beautiful colors all around and very functional. You even got toe kick drawers, I love them.

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Love it! The colors of the cabs and the layout is darling. So refreshing that it's not white. And that tile is to die for! Digging the old school alphabet on the fridge too and the fact that the fridge and dishwasher are white and not stainless. Makes it all cosier and lived in somehow.
I would love to see layout images of the whole floor before and after to see what you opened up and closed in. I'm working with an old house too so these kinds of out of the box ideas are a wonderful inspiration.

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OMG, I love, love, love your kitchen! It's so cheery, inviting and FUN! I'm delighted, too, to see a white fridge with a SS range. I won't be replacing my 5 year old white fridge when we remodel but I'm likely going to buy SS ovens and I wondered - worried - about how that would look. But I see I don't need to worry after all; it will look just fine! Thank you for sharing your kitchen with us!

What are your counters? Is it bamboo?

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Thanks, everyone! I was a little nervous posting, knowing that it', but I recently moved from DC to Austin, TX, so decided to have a little fun. And as you can see, we've already mucked it up with alphabet magnets and wine, but that's what kitchens are for!

On questions - the cabinets are custom by a local guy, which turned out to be cheaper than IKEA, even. I painted them BM Palladian Blue.

Counters are bamboo. It's beautiful, but I'm a little afraid of how it will hold up. It can be refinished, though, and was (relatively) inexpensive.

Lighting is from Rejuvenation. We also have UCL, and I was going to add a light rail to hide it, but am no longer sure that will be possible :(

I'm happy to take close-ups tonight, but am not sure what to do other than the tile. It's a fairly modest kitchen remodel, although it's everything I was going for.

I do, in fact have floorplans, though! Here they are:

Before (ignore the bedrooms...we didn't touch them):


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@ Lisa_a - I would have gotten a white oven if I could, but they don't make induction in white! Plus, I got a killer deal :) The contrast doesn't bother me in real life, either, though. They're far apart enough that it's OK.

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Thank you for sharing the plans. Great use of space and I like what you did with the entry on your plans. Got any pics that way?

I don't mind the different color appliances. I think it is very fitting to the house to have it that way. Looks like it evolved over time like an older house would.

and welcome to Austin - although I only work here now as I moved out of town.

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Thanks, lyfia! I actually work in Dallas and just live in Austin :) No pictures of the entryway, because we haven't done that part yet. I'm planning on recruiting a couple of day laborers to build the wall and have my dad do some built-in cubbies/cabinets with a bench. I think it will make a big different to our ability to not be such slobs. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking...

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Great kitchen. i love the blue cabinets & the backsplash. Also love the open shelving around the window. The alphabet magnets made me smile...wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing!

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