RJL123January 18, 2013

I haven't had a period in 5 months. I went to the Dr about a month ago after I started having hot flashes. She did the test to see if I was starting/going through menopaus and it came back positive. My question is, I started bleeding today and it feels like a period. Is this normal? Dr office closed today so I can't call them until Monday. Just a little worried something isn't right. Thanks for any input :)

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Yes, unfortunately it is normal. I went without a period for 4 blessed months and my OBGYN wasn't impressed and told me that I would most likely get a period again eventually. She was right, I just got it again and have felt like hell ever since. She said it is normal to miss a month/few months and then to get it again. That is why they add "irregular periods" to the list of peri symptoms. Don't be too worried though since this is quite normal.

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"my OBGYN wasn't impressed"

Was your doctor no impressed because you asked a question? booked an appointment?

They are not Gods just professionals like everyone else. Don't ever let them intimidate you or give you an attitude. I could smack some doctors sometime for attitude. I hope this is not the case. If so, maybe you could find a new doctor a little more understanding.

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Ha! How did you know? Yea, she isn't real sympathetic at all about any of this. Last summer I told her that I was having major sleep problems, probably due to peri since i am 50, and she just giggled and said to take "Tylenol PM" and left it at that.

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