yayasisterJanuary 7, 2012

I am so glad to find you! Actually, my husband lead me to this site. I feel like the Saraha Desert. However, I believe some of this comes from dehydration. So, I drink as much water, juice as I can. This helps w/the skin and other body parts. Not so much caffeine in one day. #2. Ignorance knows no gender. My Gyno (female)made the same stupid comments as some of yours. I am trying to use "natural" creams and suppliments to accomodate my husband sexually. Not too successful. He is very kind & patient, so it's back to giving him a good hand when needed. I have also resorted to pleasuring myself when I choose. No pain, piece of cake. Look forward to reading more ideas and solutions.

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This is not a homeopathic solution, more of a topical solution. I use Encare Ovals for lubrication...insert it 10 minutes to 2 hours before wonderfully. I don't need it for the birth control, I like the moisture and so does he. Painless sex - even adds to the pleasure! It jump starts me when necessary. I wonder why I never see it mentioned on this forum. Like to hear him say "You're so wet"... It has non-oxynol9, the common spermicide in most OTCs, and I hear some women are sensitive to that. Luckily for me, I am not.

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