Menopause symptom????????

catherinetJanuary 7, 2002

Hi all,

As I've said before, I have Fibromyalgia, but I'm wondering if alot of my symptoms aren't just funky perimenopause symptoms. Does anyone else have this one: You feel like your scalp is contracting. Sometimes it just happens, sometimes if I lean over it happens, and sometimes if I just touch it, it happens. It's a very bizarre feeling, but it happens alot to me. Anybody else?

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Hi Catherine. Not me. That must be a very weird and uncomfortable sensation. It'll be interesting to see if any other women report having it. Anne M

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Hi, Catherine: I had that sensation for a number of years, probably even before I was perimenopausal. Sometimes it felt like I had on a tight headband. I asked my former doctor about it and he didn't have a clue (of course, he didn't have a clue about much of anything LOL). I don't remember having it in a long time. I don't think it was related to menopause, though.

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Hi Puterlady.....I'm glad you don't have it anymore. I thought I had Lyme disease for awhile, since untreated/late treated Lyme seems to turn into severe Fibromyalgia, but decided I "just" had Fibromyalgia. But most of us on the Lyme forum had this strange scalp thing. Have you ever had big sinus problems? I seem to also have it when I'm suspecting sinus problems. Sometimes I make the assumption that a certain symptom goes with a certain disease, but I wonder if we would survey lots of "healthy" people, they would have some of those symptoms too. Thanks!

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