Lengthening cycle

inchworminjerseyJanuary 10, 2004

I am forty-six and I am having one menstrual cycle on top of another. I am not too trustful of doctors...would rather find a natural way to lengthen cycle out again. I tried natural progesterone in the past and didn't find it helped and felt it caused my arm lymph nodes to swell slightly. Any suggestions?

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Why don't you get your doctor's opinion and then go on from there. As I was told year ago, when you stop ovulating, often you can stop having periods, or you can have constant ones. The doctor who told me that, was talking about my 16 year old daughter. But this may be true of menopause also. Whatever he gave her was very temporary and not relevant to your symptoms, but you might just want a blood test and find out what is going on, then go the natural way.

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Just wondering if this is something that you've been dealing with for a long time. The lymph nodes swelling in the arm doesn't sound too good to me.

Maybe if you found a female doctor, you wouldn't mind going so much. I think this makes a world of difference. Please have this checked out------there may be something readily available that can help you. Keep us posted on how you do.

Also, just wanted to say that when I started menopause----it was a slowing down of my period. One month I would have a period of 4 days, the next month 3------till eventually I wasn't having a period. Of course, each person is different. But, I really hope you'll go have your problem checked out. There's some really nice female doctors who understand our situations.

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