Bloating Upper Ab after taking Maca Root

LisaHpookieJanuary 29, 2013

Anyone else take this stuff? It has helped my anxiety a lot, I have ZERO anxiety (which I have generalized anxiety disorder) but since taking it I have been bloated in my Upper Abdomen. I also went to my regular Dr on the 14th of this month, BEFORE the bloat started. I gained probably 5 pds since Sept.

Anyone else have bloating in the Upper abdomen and weight gain? Oh and Im on day 40 of my cycle....last month period hit on day 18 of my cycle and now its a waiting game. I pray this bloat goes away WHEN my cycle hits. I DO have an appt with my Gyne Feb 12 and will go back on the mini pill, and ask for a transvaginal sonogram to check on my ovaries to make sure nothing sinister is happening.


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I take Maca Powder daily..not sure of the dosage since it is a powder, but probably about 1000- 1500-mg. I put it in smoothies. Have not noticed any bloating/

The powder works better than some pills I tried. My flashes are sporadic and short now, as opposed to frequent and long lasting. My night sweats got bad in the last month, but I altered my bedding and sweat a lot less now.

I don't take Maca on the body a break.

I think it is working for me and do recommend it - but you can't have thyroid issues. Maca should not be used if you have thyroid issues.

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