Body aches and pains

deborah_2010January 15, 2010

I am 53 years old and went through menopause approx 2 1/2 years ago. I stopped Prempro 3 months ago and although I had plenty of aches and stiffness for the past 2 years, I am literally at my wits end now. I am stiff every day and feel like a 70 year old women. Since menopause I have gained 50 lbs and can't sleep nightly. I end up on the couch or moving around the house to find the right spot. Even bought a new mattress but that doesnt afford any relief now. I take 8 ibuprofen daily and sometimes it doesnt work at all. My husband is helpless wondering what can be done for me.Everytime I try to become active, I pay with the pain for days later. This is wearing on my mind and body and just can't imagine what the next few years will bring. I am going to try the vitamin D and look into some of the other solutions out there. Has anyone heard of bioidenticals and if they work? Deb

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This has nothing to do with menopause. Have you been tested for arthritis. Your symptoms sound very much like it. The weight gain doesn't help but I'll bet that once you become active again that will go.

I was diagnosed with arthritis several years ago and I started to take Glucosamine and Chondrotin--3 pills a day. It is a herbal remedy and you can buy it in the drug store. It took a month but I woke up one day and my pain was gone. Don't give up on them until you have taken them for at least a month because they are slow to work getting started. As long as I take the pills I have no pain.

Glucosamine plumps up the cartilidge between the bones and chondrotin builds new cartiledge.

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Over the last 2 1/2 years I have had numerous tests and they say I do have mild arthritis but nothing to really worry about. I have had cortisone shots in my hip joints twice last year and that helps tremedously cause I could not walk very well without pain.At this point I am not a candidate for hip replacement.I went out to walgreens last night and purchased glucosamine and celedrin along with vitamin D. Going to try this over the next month and hoping for some relief. Still not sleeping well, tossing and turning.

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There is nothing mild about Arthritis and it can only get worse, unless you do something to cushion the bones. You are wise to give what you are trying a whirl. Be sure to take the recommended dose. I have had people tell me glucosamine doesn't work for them. However when I asked how much they took daily, invariably the answer was 1 or occasionally 2 pills. That's like taking an aspirin for a migraine--of course it wouldn't work.

If at all possible try and avoid a hip replacement. I've had one and while it does get rid of the pain it does not work like your own hip and there are certain things you can't do. A hip replacement should be the avenue of last resort

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I have been taking the liquid form of Glucosamine (less fillers, works faster) since last Friday night, along with Celedrin and guess what! Some of my stiffness is going away. While I am not cured, it seems to be helping a bit. The sleepless/restlessness is not yet subsided but I am hoping it will soon. I can't believe not one of my doctors told me about these products in the past.


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It will take a while for the sleeping. Your body has to get used to the old way of sleeping again. To give doctors their due, they know about diseases, but they are not the best at knowing about all medications and they know little about herbal medications. If you want to know about meds ask a pharmacist.

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I've been on HRT for 18 mos. and in the past 6 months, I've noticed pain in my knees, elbows, shoulders and neck. I am stiff in the a.m. and getting up out of a chair after 5 minutes of sitting. I'm only 50! I am active and also very positive but this pain is getting to me. I've been taking liquid glucosomine and chondroitran for about 3 months and it's a little better but some days are really bad. (like today). I have been thinking of taking Vit. D and Macafem (Maca Root?) I've heard that helps a lot of women with the same thing I've been experiencing. I thought it might be athritis or fibromyalgia, but I've never been on depressants or anything other than prempro hormones. Anybody suffering?

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I would be very interested to know the strength of these herbal tablets - I have tried just about everything else - I am 49 feel about 79 some days!!

I can sympathise with everyone here I have been going through all of this 'stuff' for about 5/6 years

Only today I was thinking 'where have I gone'!!

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Those of you who are taking the glucosamine should be aware that it may take up to 3 months to feel the benefits. Also, it seems to work for some people and not for others. Don't get the generic (I've heard that 80% of generic over the counter stuff comes from China.) but a good brand name. If one brand doesn't work, try another. Also, you may want to get tested for Lyme Disease.

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There is such a thing as menopausal arthritis. What I've found is that if you already have some arthritis, the loss of estrogen exacerbates it. I've also found that vit D can make a big difference. It is worth getting tested ... A simple blood test. In my case I need a lot of vit D to get my levels up ... 50,000 iu's twice a week. It's a prescription. It has made a big difference in joint pain.

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What work better than anything else for my menopausal arthristis was applying Organic Excellence Joint Pain Therapy, plus taking Neocell Collagen powder type 1 and 3 with Hyaluronic acid tablets (or capsules). I found glucosamine being not much use to me after using it for... God knows how long...a long long time.

I also take my cal and Vit D, and using progesterone cream.

I hope my tips can help you too.

Good luck.

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Omg! All these sound like me! My body started aching everywhere in January. Along with hot flashes and night sweats. I tried hrt which made every thing swell in about 3 days. And I couldn't breath. Smile stopped. Progesterone cream, borage oil, maca root powder and now menopause took away moodiness, hot flashes and sweats. But now I ache like crazy. I workout 2x a day, eat a pescatarian diet and feel like I'm 80! Just bought glucosamine today. My doctors as given me 20 different tests and is stumped and that's annoying. Last week Lyme disease and valley fever. I've also gained 42 pounds, which makes me so uncomfortable. I'm so tired of this. It's nice to see others in the same situation. Although its sad.

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I feel like my back and joints hurt all the time.

On a lower dose of HRT, so I don't know if this is helping or hurting.

How do you get tested for arthritis?

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For the last 5 years I have been going back and fourth to doctors with back hip joint pain had the night sweats hot flushes they seem very far and few between, but I ache so much I can hardly get out of bed, I don't sleep well at all, haven't for about 4 years and now the back and hip pain has got so bad it wakes me up if I turn or move in the night ( that's when I do finally fall asleep) I'm coming up to 52 in August. And honestly feel like 82 any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Tracey xx

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I feel your pain tracey1062...I've been dealing with lower back pain, literally pain everywhere! Knees, elbow, wrists, terrible foot pain first thing in the morning! I'm 53, but feel 83! Had a hysterectomy about 5 years ago(kept ovaries) everything was fine, til about a year ago. I started getting horrible anxiety/panic attacks. After that, started getting lower back
Pain, the last 6 months ago all my joints started hurting. I just don't feel like myself, mentally or physically. I take Buspar and occasional xanax for anxiety, but don't have a clue what to do about the joint pain. Does it eventually end? I want my old life back!!! Please!

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