can I recommend a book?

judys_ontJanuary 27, 2006

I found this book that really seems to make a lot of sense and I highly recommend it to all women with fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress and more.

He initially got my attention when he mentioned how women complain of having test results come back normal and yet feel that somehow something was missed because they feel just horrible.

The book is called 'The Triple Whammy Cure' and is written by Dr. David Edelberg M.D.

The 3 Whammies he refers to are:

1) stress

2) low serotonin levels

3) hormonal changes

He exlains how these 3 things can have a huge impact on womens' health.

Using his plan of simple life changes, he promises to make you feel human again in 3 weeks.

The author is a practicing physician for over 30 years and in 1993 he founded American Wholehealth, a network of health care centers that combines conventional and alternative medicine.

You can check out his website below.

Here is a link that might be useful: triple whammy cure

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I should have mentioned that the advice in this book does have a good approach for menopausal women.
I am 58 and I think it has some help there for me.
I also posted this to the Health forum.

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Judy I have seen or heard of this book and his beliefs and while it all makes sense to me I was wondering about the list of supplements...whew thats a huge list, I already take a handful of vitiamns, how do I know if I need all these? I have tried so many different ways to help get me through this stuff they call natural...he he So glad I found this message board.

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