New to prometrium

wnkk1January 20, 2002

I have been diagnosed with estrogen dominence by my doctor.

I have not yet entered perimenopause but have lots of systems like incredible sore breasts for 2 weeks before my period, looking pregnant, tons of gas, etc.

I have to wait 2 weeks to start to get to the right part of

my cycle. Anyone have experience with prometrium used in

this situation? Thanks.

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How did your doctor diagnose "estrogen dominance?" Also how did s/he learn that you have "not yet entered perimenopause?" Sore breasts are a side effect of prometrium. See for a complete list of the side effects of promterium.

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Hi I am new to prometrium too. I had the exact same question as you - breasts so painful it wakes me up at night. Someone from this board sent me this link to explain the breast tenderness.

Anyhow I called my doctor to ask how long the breast tenderness was going to last - because it's been a week since I stopped the first course of Prometrium and they are still tender. She said those symptoms are more typical of estrogen. I find that interesting because her statement about estrogen matches the info in the link.

Unfortunately I don't take estrogen supplements so I can't cut down on it as the article suggests, but hopefully everything will stabilize over time. I am going to stick with it a bit longer and hope the pain stops.

I hope this helps.

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Ask your doctor why she is ignoring the information Solvay has supplied that 16% of women taking progesterone develop breast pain vs 8% of those taking placebo. When a problem occurs twice as often with a drug as with placebo it's quite likely that the drug causes the problem. Natural physiology also supports the observation that progesterone may cause breast pain since it almost always occurs in the second half of the menstrual cycle when progesterone is increasing and estrogen is decreasing.

The link your "doctor" supplied is part of the John Lee quackery.

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