New Years Resolution:How Can I not be annoying today?

bnicebkindJanuary 7, 2007

marge727 responded to a post on another thread, and mentioned that as a lawyer, who works with men all day, that women should consider what they can do to make home a wonderful place to come home to for her family. Where home is organized, and conversation is easy. Instead of complaining, or bringing up problems, she suggested that people ask themselves: HOW CAN I NOT BE ANNOYING TODAY??? Several responded that we should all ask ourselves that question, and look for ways to make home a warm, wonderful place to be for each other. So I am going to repeat marges727 because it is kind of a nice way to start the new year.

So...How can we NOT be annoying today????????

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Hi, I forgot about that post. My laptop screen got broken and I missed a lot while it was being repaired.
so I missed the follow ups. where are they --
In answer to your post=--what I am resolving is that when my husband wants to go on a diet I don't bake his favorite chocolate oatmeal cookies with pecans on top.

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I myself,am never annoying ;)

I'm sure I'am sometimes....But I do try to make my home lovely for my husband and daughter everyday.The house is ALways clean,and dinner cooking.My favorite part of the day is sitting down to dinner with them and eating and having a conversation.
I think I'm only really annoying when I get upset about that something.I admit I can be a tad melodramatic (but boy do i get it honestly!) So,How I can be less annoying is by simply walking away when I'am frustrated (which really isnt too often unless it's Pms time! )

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Well what a good discussion to have.

I thoroughly agree with the idea of creating a calm, happy homelife.

Coolmama, I am like you I love sitting down to dinner each day, with my family around a table, chatting and having a lovely meal (always prepared by ME!!). I make the table clean, attractive with candles, placemats, flowers, jugs of ice water, just simple things. I work hard at the meal, accomodating the eaters !

I think I could be less annoying by not brooding ! If I am annoyed about something, I do brood about it from time to time.

But my NY resolution is to stop being JUDGEMENTAL. I cringe when I think of how critcal I can be about people, thats not my place, gosh ...what a pain. I am going to stop being like that, and just say positive things, and work on my happiness and my family's happiness.

I am fortunate that I do have the time to make my homelife a lovely place for my family. I am into indoor plants at the moment, so that is how I am making it even more lovely !!

Bye for now.


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This really is a great discussion!
So how can I not be annoying today?
Stop putting hubby down for not knowing or doing certain things. (I.e. he's never changed a diaper, and I've changed tons, so I keep wondering aloud, and sometimes not too nicely, how he can be so stupid/inexperienced/questioning about everything.)
He doesn't say this annoys him, but he wouldn't say so. And it would annoy me. Besides, cutting it out will probably only help our situation!

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