The different kinds of estrogen.............

catherinetJanuary 27, 2002

Hi all,

Have any of you noticed, in your search for the perfect HRT, that you felt better on one-versus-the-other types of estrogen? My meno brain will not let me do a search on all this stuff.......I end up finding myself mumbling in a corner. I know there's conjugated, unconjucated, esterified, synthetic, plant based, mare's urine, etc., etc. Have any of you had the presence of mind to figure out which types you do better on? My OB/GYN said that Premarin, which I did fairly well on, (which I refuse to take because of the horse-treatment issue) was made up of several kinds of estrogen. And since we have several estrogen receptors, perhaps I would do better with one of those (she couldn't remember if combi-patch was one of those and was too busy to check). So.....any ideas? Thanks.

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Cenestin is fairly similar to Premarin, but made synthetically from plant materials. Cenestin is formulated to release its hormone slowly, just like Premarin theoretically should although the shellac on Premarin has caused some problems with reliably dissolving. Also, Premarin has a number of unknown hormonal molecules in it whereas Cenestin is completely analyzed.

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