Two Periods A Month

LisaHpookieJanuary 6, 2013

Anyone having this wonderful issue? I had 2 in December, 18 days apart and now its day 17 of my cycle and I got my monthly pimple, and bad cramps feeling like in 3, 2, 1 I'm going to start.

Does this mean I'm getting near the end of this hell? I'm 44 I will be 45 in Feb.

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See your doctor within the next couple of weeks if you can. At 48 I started having my periods 16 days apart - it's now lasted 2 years and I'm going back to a new doctor to ask for a scan.

I keep a meticulous log of my period (Using my free gmail calendar so I can go back years on my period history) - I suggest you keep a record of your periods.

Please book an appointment with your doctor.

Good luck

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Well I'm now on day 32 of my cycle and no period yet. I will make an appt with a gyne if it continues, only happened once. I'm in the process of finding a new gyne...didn't trust the last one. When Drs start lying to you its time to move on.

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Funny you should say that. I just had a 35 day break from all this (no period) and then a period and then 12 days after the last one ended - WHAM - another period. I have to reschedule my physical now because I'm so outta whack. I am fed up and can really appreciate what you are going through. I am going to ask my new female doctor for a scan - I'm fed up. I have no pain, no cramps non of that stuff over the last 2 years. Just frequent periods. It's beyond annoying - it's exhausting.

Do keep in touch. I'd be interested to compare notes on things. I know we are not alone in this department.


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hi Peggy,

Well I'm now on day 40 of my cycle and NO period in sight! ugh....also, since I started the Maca supplement Yes it has helped my emotional rollercoaster a lot and took away ALL my anxiety but it has given me some other stuff to replace it with lol I have more gas, more frequent bowel movements (tmi lol) and now I'm BLOATED...I have been this way for over a week now in my UPPER abdomen.

I'm going to the Gyne Feb 12 ( I do not need to be told to go to the Drs lol) and I'm going to try going back on the mini pill...where its only progesterone. Also I'm going to ask them to do a transvaginal sonogram to check my ovaries.

That is my update for now :)

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