UGH....Cable Company

samkarenFebruary 1, 2013

My cable company is a nightmare to work with.
When I moved into my new place I called to set up tv and internet. They sent me the "easy to install" equipment a few days later. I hooked up what they sent me and I could not get the cable tv stations and my internet would not connect. When I called them I told them about the problems. For my internet they said "Oh�you were never connected"�.got that problem solved. For my tv they asked me about my modem hook-up. I told them that I didn�t receive any modem in the mail. So they schedule a man to come to my house to hook up the tv with the modem�.problem solved. Two days later I receive a HUGE box (13 pounds) in the mail�..yep�they sent me a modem. So I call them and said I need to return it. First person said "Oh you can drop it off with us"�told her I shouldn�t have to drive anywhere to return it. Second person said "we can send you a box but you will have to pay the postage"�.told her I wasn�t paying that either.
So I told them �look�either you send me a label for the 13 pound box; send someone to pick it up or it will sit in my closet until hell freezes over.
Today I got the label in the mail��for a 2 pound package. Have to try and cram all the equipment into the little box they sent me.
I sure hate my cable company.
Your resident DJ

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I hear you.

I hate the fact that we have cable companies at all. I remember the days when you went to the store, bought a TV, brought it home, plugged it into the electric outlet, turned it on and you would get all the channels available in your area. We can get 2 channels without cable (but wouldn't even get those without installing a digital converter).

I used to think how awful for Brits to have to pay that yearly tax to watch TV. But really--that's got to be far cheaper and much less hassle than what we're all dealing with these days.

And it's not like there's that much worthwhile on TV anyway. When I was a kid and we got about 6 channels (for free)--the choices were so much better.

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Cable companies must be some of the most hated companies in the USA. They have a virtual monopoly where I live because we can't get antenna reception and satellite dish reception is spotty. Some of my friends have dropped cable and watch online only. I'm seriously considering it.

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azzalea my DH kind of feels the same way but then I remind him we get weather 24/7 on the spot, NetFlix and other movie channels thru Roku, we DVR 4 HD programs at once and watch on the weekends when we have time, we can skip thru time wasting commercials etc...then it's a bargain for us. We did have to spend 1 entire Sat home while the installer worked but he was very knowledgeable and spent a good amount of time educating us on how everything works. Since then, 18 mo, we have never had to deal w the hardware end of it.

my only complaint about CenturyLink/PrismTv is that even after 18 mo w them not 1 single bill is ever correct and I have to call them every month. I work all day, I can make personal calls in my 30 min lunch but this never takes only 30 minutes. Seriously who in this day and age CALLS anyone for help but they can not fix the billing problems thru email LOL. I refuse to auto pay that bill because last month was $65 this month $90, it's supposed to be $80 per contract. other than that I love their service, we have high speed internet w DVR & HD tv for $80 mo taxes fess all included. We have never had a single internet or cable problem, if we did I would turn on them in 2 seconds and go back to BrightHouse for the same price. ~ liz

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We have a great cable company--Midcontinent and I think headquartered in SD. Lots of programs, and bundles stuff (we don't) but great service. Last time we bought our TV, the TV installer and the Cable company came at the same time and worked together getting everything set up. Really great and nice young men.

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Time Warner is the same way for us; if THEIR equipment fails, we have to drive 35 miles to get new equipment....????.....seriously frustrating customer service reps too! And price just keeps going up and up and up........

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We have excellent service from Time Warner. For this, we tolerate the bundled price. Harking back to the days when we had to time long-distance calls, I love being able to dial anywhere in the country - no extra charge and no time limit.

I did rail against high TV fees for all the carp we can't watch - foreign language channels, etc. They did drop it $20. Not much relief but at least it was something. Oily wheel and all that. It does work.

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