Are these hotflashes?!?

idreamincolorJanuary 1, 2007

Hello everyone, I'm brand new to the board, and glad I found this board. I'm 40 years old, and I'm thinking this might be the startings of menopause, but I'm not sure. From what other women describe as hotflashes, I'm wondering if this is what I'm experiencing, because mine are different.

All of a sudden I get his wave of nausea, and then I feel really funny in my head, and things grow dark for a few seconds, almost like I'm going to pass out, and then comes a wave of heat on the back of my neck, and up the back of my head. It only lasts a minute and then it's done. It actually scares me. It typically only happens the week prior to my period. Does anyone else experience this?

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While you're a bit on the young side to be getting hot flashes, it is entirely possible. However, your description sounds a little different...a feeling of nausea isn't typical with hot flashes, although I'm sure there might be some woment who experience this. But the almost passing out feeling might be caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure or blood sugar. Thyroid problems can also cause weird symptoms. If you haven't had a complete physical lately, you should get one with a full blood workup. That'll tell you whether your hormone levels are changing and you've begun perimenopause, or whether your symptoms are caused by something completely different.

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I do have hyperthyroidism/Graves disease. I wonder if it's something graves related.

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In response to Idreamincolor, I am almost 49, and just recently started experiencing the same symptoms as you! I thought I was actually going to vomit and got lightheaded, and then I felt like I was on fire from the inside out! It was absolutely awful! I had bloodwork done and it's normal! SO, you are not alone...and it's so scary.

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I will never forget a few years back my SIL ask me if I had ever experienced hot flashes..I said I wasn't sure but I may have.........she simply said " never mind, if you had ever had one there would be no doubt". She was right, not a doubt in my mind now what a "hot flash" is. LOL

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jmasdisonblu describes flashes perfectly. My husband thinks taking off clothes can help. NO. It's from the inside, sigh.

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