clots with periods, normal?? please help

rosieo58_2008January 14, 2008

Hi, I am new here and have found much relief knowing that I am not alone with all of my symptoms. I am 49 and am sure that I am in "peri". My periods have been pretty regular but do have lots of clots, anyone know if this is normal? Saw my gyn last year, had sono that showed my uterine lining was "thickened" which concerned her so she did an endometrial biopsy (never again!!) which was ok. She mentioned a d&c or hyster. I got a second opinion and he said things looked "fine". I just dont know who to believe or trust. Just looking for some support and reassurance. Thanks so much.

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Well, I can't say that I know everything is "fine", but way back in the day that I had periods (prior to a partial hyst) clots were not abnormal. It wasn't anything I ever worried about.
Welcome to the forum :)
Mrs H

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Seems that's what got me started and looking into something is not right ... It took months, then a D & C and a hysterectomy. I'm 45 and had my D & C December 2006 and then a hyster March 2007. After so much bleeding it turning into irregular periods and then the clots we finally got it right. It's a bit scary but be assured as long as you keep up on it and go back as soon as you feel the clots are too heavy or too much and you need to seek advise from your Dr. don't worry too much. I guess it depends on how long the clots have been going on... Good luck you will be fine... I wish I had consulted a female Dr. as they seem to relate better... Just stay calm...

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Hi Rosie -- I have varying degrees of clots, from ew to oh-my-Gawwd. Of course nothing beats 1) trusting your instincts 2) consulting with a medical expert you like, but you'll find when talking with other women that clots are common at this time of life.

The most noteworthy of mine was when I cramped for 24 hours with nothing coming out, then, while walking around the house, doubled over and produced something like a full pan of jello. Sorry, but if it reassures you at all I guess it's worth grossing everyone out. :)

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I've had clots of varying sizes for probably the last 6-8 years. I look at it as more of a quality of life issue than a health issue. I figure at 49 I'm close enough to full blown menopause so I'm waiting it out. Personally, to me, a hysterectomy is the absolute LAST resort for any condition. We move a lot and I've had 3 great gyns during all this, 2 women and 1 man

A full pan of jello? That trumps my granny smith apple. I thought that was big! LOL

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I'm done with my periods now but for the last few years that I had them I had LOTS of disgusting clots. I read that it's perfectly normal in peri-menopause

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OMG, you want to "talk clots"? I haven't had my period in about 6 mos. or so, however when I did, you would not believe the size of the clots.

Do not read this if you're easily offended as it's fairly gross. I found this out by accident on morning when I was on my period and showering. I sneezed and "gave birth to a hugh clot". It was gross trying to get it to go down the drain (but it was not something you could pick up). After the clot was removed from my body, my period flow was obviously a lot lighter. So. . . from that point on, every month in the shower, I would bear down, cough, sneeze, whatever it took to rid by body of what looked like canned cranberries (you know, the cranberries you serve for Thanksgiving dinner, the jello kind that immediately brings back shower memories).

I just wish that I had sneezed earlier on during my period. LOL.

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Hey Rosieo58, I know what you mean when you say never again will you have an endometrial biopsy. I had that done in the office and it was the worst pain I have ever felt, worse than having a baby. After it was done the Doctor and nurse just left me. Luckily I made them find me a basin to throw up in. It took me nearly five minutes just to get off the table and then when I did I promptly up-chucked. Never, Never, again..........My test came back normal so was the ultra-sound. I refused a D&C and thank god it turns out my bleeding was from vaginal atrophy. I now take vagifem and replens, of course it took me nearly a year and three doctors to diagnos it. I'm so glad I went with my instincts and didn't have a D&C.


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Hmmm...My doctor didn't express real concern about the clots, but the fact that the period lasted three weeks concerned her.

The OBGYN she referred me to did an endometrial biopsy, and told me it would be painful, "Like childbirth, but only for 30 seconds or so." Never having had children, I forged ahead. I have to say, though, she was well prepared, told me to lean back in the chair when I felt queasy, and had a juice box at the ready and handed it to me before I got worse.

I found out about "bearing down" too, and I suspect I can use that to my advantage next time one of the really heavy episodes occur (there have been two in seven months).

Years? this state lasts for YEARS? I'm 51!

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Granny Smith apple, and giving birth in the shower and trying to kick it down the drain... you ladies make my day. Whatever did our mothers do before internet forums?

Thanks for the cameraderie. I'm still laughing.

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i wish i'd paid more attention to the heavy periods, etc...i thought i'd wait it out...sure did and ended up with a complete hyst, including ovaries (i'm 61) i was very lucky, as i didn't have to have chemo or radiation...but a very scary time...
even though the pap was "normal" taken before they operated, they found the cancer had invaded my cervix..

just had my 1 year check up last night (he's that busy, my 3:20 appt ended at 9:30)

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Happy to hear that you are doing well susanjf. Clots do seem to be fairly normal, what's a person to do? I wish they'd come up with some sort of screening test for ovarian cancer. Its terrifying how they always seem to catch it late.
For ladies who are at a stage of considering D&C - does anyone ever offer that ablation procedure? A younger friend had it for very heavy periods and it seemed to go well.

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Clotting was my first sign of uterine fibroids.

Worth looking into...

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marys1000 - there is a bloodtest that is an indicator for ovarian cancer. It's not a foolproof marker by any means, but if the number goes up from 1 year to the next, it's a very good indicator that something's going on. Sorry I can't remember the name of the test. When I discussed the HRT with my doc, the possibility of increased ovarian cancer was her main concern. We decided that including the blood test was a good idea. Most insurance doesn't cover it, but the cost is only about $30.

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Yes, Rosie, do you know if you have fibroids? They can sometimes cause irregular bleeding. Clots are not a bad sign in and of themselves. If you bleed more frequently or for longer periods, just make sure you are not getting anemic. Your doc can give you a hormone to take for a couple of days to stop an extra-long period.

LOL at the stories above. I went to the GYN this morning and told him my uterus has been having parties down there without my consent!

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