beauty2009January 12, 2011

Hi has anybody out there been given clonidine for menopause symptoms and in particular hot flushes ? do the side effects of drowsyness and dizzness wear off i have only taken them for 5 days weird effects off them but they did bring my bp down a lot quickly but i just felt weird dizzy and sleepy dry mouth do these effects go with longer use ?

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I have been taking it for over 2 years. I believe mine are .1mg. I take one in the morning and and 1 before bed. I don't notice the side effects anymore. Also I take 2 tbsp of flax meal, mixed in a little juice, morning and night. Combination of the two really help. My menopause was chemo in duced and I take hormone blockers. Night time is worse. I think they are not as bad during the day due to being busy and occupied. Good luck!

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