cindy036January 12, 2002

Can anyone tell me if dizziness/slight nausea is menopause symptoms before I go to the doctor for it? Thanks for any help, Cindy

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There are previous "dizziness" postings here that you may want to reach....it seems that many of us experience dizziness, vertigo, etc. My doctor tells me it is very common in women, and in menopausal women, but I would urge you to ascertain the cause of your dizziness.


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Cindy......Yes, please check for a previous post about dizziness. I felt better after reading that post, since I am in perimenopause and have developed spells of dizziness and nausea too. But Deborah is right in saying that you should have it checked out before assuming it's "just" a hormonal thing. Good luck!

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Cindy, I went to the dr. Tuesday for headache, nausea, neck and backache, plus dizziness. He took some blood tests and told me to come back Monday. He didn't do a test to check for menopause tho I think he should have. I'm 45 and still having my periods but I have a lot of symtoms. We'll see.

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wolf, I am 47 and still menstruating and am on the pill, yet I have had occassional hot flashes, insomnia, and just this past week during my period, some dizziness. I was all set to go to the doctor until I found this web site. Did you get results of your blood test? I probably will still go just to rule out anything else.

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Yes, yes, yes, dizziness is a part of menopause. I get it badly from time to time and have trouble driving. If you check the internet it's full of people complaining of dizziness during menopause. I have found that going for a fast walk when it starts helps it somewhat.

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