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debbeeanneJanuary 11, 2002

I am 43 years old, and in early menopause probably from having ovary and ovarian cyst removed 5 years ago. No periods for 2 years. I am taking estradiol 2mg and progesterone 5 mg every day. During the last year I have gained almost 25 lbs due to taking a job, not exercising.

Recent changes I have noted are almost no hair growth on my legs, and sleeping better than I have for months. About 3 weeks ago, my bb's started hurting and then I had spotting this week, brown old stuff, but enough to call it a period.

My gyn ordered an ultrasound. My uterine lining is ok, but there is a 3.7cm cyst on my remaining ovary. I will repeat the ultrasound in 6 weeks.

My questions are:

1. Did I ovulate? 2. Did my estrogen levels increase because I have gained weight and am storing estrogen in fat? 3. Can the estrogen stored in fat actually affect your system, i.e. cause a period? 4. Did increased estrogen cause the cyst to grow, or did the ovary and/or cyst cause the period? I don't know how all this works.

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Gaining 25 lbs would not cause your hormones levels to suddenly become balanced, in fact, usually the opposite is true, it's a sign of more estrogen than progesterone. The only time the reverse is true is if you were 25 lbs underweight and not menstruating because you were anorexic, ie, yourweight went from 75lb -100. Otherwise, notice that women who are pre-menopausal weigh considerably less than after their periods stop, unless they make a great effort to prevent the weight gain that comes with estrogen dominance and lack of ovulation (progesterone).

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Thanks for the response. My post was somewhat confusing. I am not happy about these changes, I don't consider my hormone levels to be balanced, and I DO feel that I have too much estrogen in my system. I was handling menopause just fine with my HRT, but now I am back to dealing with sore bbs, periods, etc. My question I guess is: Did all these changes happen because I gained the weight? Did my estrogen dominance cause me to kick back into ovulation, etc? Or is this just a random last gasp by my body to return to pre-menopause, after 2 full years of nothing?

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I'll try again, I don't know why. Estrogen dominance is an imbalance. Look at the women who are post-menopausal. Alot of them have larger middles than pre-menopausal women.
That's because they are estrogen dominant. Estrogen dominance and infertility go hand in hand. I never heard of periods starting because of estrogen dominance. I've heard of periods stopping because of estrogen dominance. Progesterone is the "fertility" hormone. Progesterone is literally "pro-gestation", or conducive to fertility.

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I appreciate your response. I didn't understand the exact roles estrogen and progesterone play in HRT. You answered some of my questions. I am just very frustrated with my weight gain and the effects it seems to be having on my body. Thanks again.

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