beauty2009January 31, 2010

Hi all is anyone out there taking premarin 0.03mg i have just been prescribed this by my doctor i was previously on elleste solo 1mg but the side effects were too much for me , the main side effect i seem to be getting now with the premarin is nausea all day and feeling breathless and slight heart palps i dont want to cut out the benefits of the hrt altogether because the hot flashes were so severe im wondering if its possible to take it a couple of times a week rather than daily has anyone else out there had these kind of side effects with hrt or premarin

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If I were getting those kind of side effects, I wouldn't be taking them. The trouble with HRT is that when you go off of them the synptoms come back. They did with me. I was on them for a few months and hated them so I got off of them. I had read about using soy products, so I tried them. Soy has a natural plant estrogen. It doesn't erradicate the menopause symptoms but it does lessen them to where you can live with them.

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Hi oilpainter thanks for your feedback i tried every herbal product i could get as well as soy products flaxseed even went to a chinese herbalist i only tried the hrt as a totally last resort i was on one called elleste solo at first and that was fine for 3 weeks no hot sweats not tired to death i felt much better and was finally getting some sleep it was only in the 4th week i started to feel sick and my breasts were so sore but i decided to see the doctor and try the premarin which made me sick almost immediatly im so dreading having to come off them for good because the hot flushes and sleepless nights were making me so ill and depressed i feel so confused now i dont know what to do so i guess its back to the doc tomorrow morning to see if its worth just taking a tablet every other day dont know how that would work out i suppose it depends how bad the menopause is affecting you on a personal level i know other women who are on hrt have been for years and they wouldnt live without it and they have no ill effects from the tablets its so confusing isnt it but anyway thanks so much for your feedback i know exactly where your coming from

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Beauty, We have talked before. I can't do HRT's due to cancer issues, and my menopause is chemo induced. What helps me, besides the flaxseed is a Rx for Clonidine. It is actually for high blood pressure. This and the flaxseed together give me quite a bit of relief. For the flaxseed, it may take a month of taking it, before noticing any help. Another thing doctors prescribe, for women that had breast cancer and can't take homones, is anti depressants. Effexor is one of them. Here is an article on WebMD. Maybe one of these drugs will help. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: WebMD

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beauty2009, I read recently on the net there has now been a new HRT type pill developed in Germany that is around half the doseage of the lowest one's we currently have available. It has worked really well to relieve all these symptoms, and been proven to give the same level of protection for the bones but is half the strength, so much less likely to cause severe side-effects and the risk of clots etc is heavily reduced. It is supposedly now available in most countries. You will need to google about it and do some research, but it is the LATEST thing for us.

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