don't ya hate when that happens?

lindacAugust 20, 2012

Made peach jam last evening...

For some reason I thought I had used the recipe in the certo I mindlessly read it....began peeling and chopping the eye on the TV....came to add the sugar.....and thought holy cow! that's a lot of sugar....added the sugar and juice of a lemon....thought I didn't remember doing that before.... and as I am stirring...I am remembering that 2 years ago I made a batch that I over cooked and it got a bit of a caramel taste....this called for only cooking a minute?

So when I got it into the jars, it's jars half full of fruit and the other half is peach flavored syrup....


That wasn't the recipe I meant to use!

So....this morning I rushed out and bought more peaches (and jar lids!) and will try to figure out what recipe I used 2 years ago......and what to do with 9 jars of peach flavored syrup.....might make a good base for a sweet and sour mustardy hot sauce for pork or chicken....what do you think?

Linda C

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I have been making it with Sure Jell for years but this year tried the Ball Pectin that comes in a container. On the Ball website they give you amounts for different sized batches, nice. I think I get a better fresh fruit flavor than if I used a longer cooked jam method.

I'd use the stuff your not thrilled with as a base for sweet and sour sauce, there are other savory ideas that I know you'll think of. Brush some on pork chops or pork tenderloin... use as a glaze.... on quick bread or muffins... try making a salad dressing... pancakes or French toast...


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I'd puree it and call it Peachy Keen Syrup then use it to make Bellini's or to put between layers of sponge cake for jelly roll (then covered in whipped cream of course).


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It won't go to waste....maybe waist....but not waste!!
Love the idea of the sponge cake....and I already was planning on it as a meat glaze....

For this next batch maybe I better read the sure jell recipe!

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I have a recipe for oven bbq'd ribs that uses the syrup from a can of would probably work well in that application.

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Could you add some more water, boil it, and then pur�e and freeze it to make some peach Italian water ice?

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