Period after 15 months without one -- need D&C?

baltomom_gwJanuary 18, 2014

I'm scheduled to see my GYN next week to decide whether to have an endometrial biopsy or a D&C. She told me today that a scan I had last week showed my uterus is thicker than normal (she didn't give the measurement) for a postmenopausal woman. I have not had a period for 15 months, then I suddenly in late December (a month ago) had all the regular symptoms (breast tenderness, discharge, bloating, crampy, etc.) of a normal period. Then I had five days of slight oozing, then I got a migraine, as I always used to a few days after my period.

Anyone had this happen? Did you get a biopsy or a D&C? My GYN told me on the phone that if the lining of my uterus is too thick, they have to do a D&C or it puts me at risk for cancer.

Somehow, this does not make sense to me. She also said I have a cyst on my ovary. But she was in no rush to see me, so didn't sound like this is an emergency.

I feel like I just had a period, with a teensy bit of bleeding, and that the uterine thickness and cyst are a result of the period. A D&C seems like overkill.

But if my uterine wall is thick, will it sort of "reabsorb" on its own, or do I have to have a period? And can't I take prevaro (sp?) or progesterone to induce the shedding of the lining without having a D&C?

I feel like doctors LOVE to intervene too much. Of course I don't want to miss something in case I am so unlucky as to have cancer, but more than a biopsy seems too invasive (general anesthesia scares me).

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I'm feeling very anxious.

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I had the exact same thing happen to me, went to doc and she wanted to do a d &c. Went for second opinion and the doc said that diagnosis was way too aggressive and did an endometrial biopsy- everything turned out ok!

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Did you do an ultrasound too? My doctor said the lining of my uterus is 11mm, so I need to have a D&C or I am at risk of uterine cancer.

I asked her to put me on progesterone, so she had me take 400mg Prometrium for three days, and she said I'd have a period in a week. I waited a week, and nothing. But on day 8, I got some slight pinkish discharge that last 2 days, and then nothing. I did get a migraine, which I have not had since my periods ended.

I really don't understand why I didn't get a period.

Did the endometrial biopsy hurt, agatha? I am so scared of having it done. My doctor does not use ANY anesthesia. When I asked her for a cervical block, she was very annoyed, and said I'd have to sign a release, and could have a large number of side effects including dizziness, ringing in my ears, etc. She finally said I could take some Advil 45 minutes before, but that I'd have to come back for it. She wanted to do it right then and there with no anesthesia whatsoever! I've heard it hurts worse than natural childbirth (I had that, so I know what that's like).

I'll try to find another doctor, but may have to wait for months. My doctor is scaring me a lot.

Did you have thickened lining of your uterus too? If so, what did your doctor say about that? Will it disappear on its own, or do you have to get more scans to keep an eye on it?

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