describe heart palpalations

Okla_galJanuary 30, 2002

there was so many of us that has been having these and it makes me wonder how do you describe yours and does any certain thing bring them on? I also went to the dr. w/ mine and have not got results back yet. I too get upset about them which makes them worst. I had a complete physical and am worried about my results. I was also wondering if you are real close to menopause but take HRT should you have symptoms as if you took nothing? I have started a daily diary and am trying to pinpoint mine. Mine seem to come on if I have stomache probs or need to change my hormone patch. My heart seems to beat fast but also pound. I can burp and mine goes away then returns. I get them for a few days then they go away and don't return for a month or so. I have also went to my chriopractor and he will adjust me and I won't have them for a long time. He says if your out of line it can cause them. I would like to hear how all of yours are and what you feel like brings them on.

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Well I donÂt exactly get the heart palpitations, but many times I can hear my heart pumping my ears........really really loud, that it interferes with hearing. If I also yawn or burp, it goes away!~????

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The most reliable remedy I have found for palpitations is magnesium supplements 250 mg, taken twice daily. Many women have reported relief from the magnesium.

The palpitations I have experienced have felt both like a racing feeling, an adrenaline rush, or a feeling of fluttering in the chest. They do not scare or upset me, because I know they ar not serious (in my case). They are only annoying. I have not had them since using the magnesium.

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I have the same symptoms as feeling, and either a fluttering in my chest or a pounding. I have a non-serious heart murmur, and it doesn't worry me a bit.

I haven't pinpointed anything that brings them on...perhaps being tired, drinking too much coffee. They are infrequent. I'm 44 and am not on HRT.

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Thanks for your replies. just thought we might figure out what causes them for most of us.

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I only get them when I wake from a nap. Very strange. My doctor said that they are probably because of where my sleep is interrupted - i.e. interrupted REM (dreaming) sleep. She was absolutely unconcerned.

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Do any of you know what your pulse rate is at the time your heart is racing?

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mine is around 80 or so.It seems to pound hard at times, not so much as fast just hard.

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