Advice for dealing with boring Super Bowl party?

scarlett2001January 29, 2009

No, I can't get out of it, it's at DH's family and I have to go. Other than eating for many hours, is there any way to survive this? No interest in football, whatsoever.

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If you do any handcrafts, like crocheting, knitting, or patchwork, it is an ideal way to make up for the boredom while yet seeming to be there with the family. You have my entire sympathy. I have always been glad that DH is neither athletic nor interested in being a spectator!

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I go to parties almost every year and have never had any real interest in the game. Aren't there other people or even kids there to talk to? The food makes it for me; I really don't care that I don't like football... as long as there's good food and friends, it's a party!

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I'm always struggling with my weight, so this is many hours of pure temptation. It's two hours there and two back so that is also something I'm not looking forward to. The rest of of DH's family all live close together and know each other well, so I can only make small talk. That really palls after three or four hours.

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Yeah, I wouldn't like that much driving in one day either... But, The Super Bowl is one of those days a year that you should forget your diet and just live it up with the food! If there are enough women (or guys) that don't watch the game, maybe you guys could play cards or an adult board game.

Another idea, (if you're not the one driving), why don't you have a few drinks. Conversations tend to flow a lot easier with the in-laws when you've got a couple beers (or some wine) in you. Hey, you asked for suggestions...

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For sports parties and the likes that I'm not very into I've learned to use mental planning. Looks like I'm watching, but in reality I'm thinking about a project I'm doing at home or just planning one, planning the weeks food menu, day dreaming etc. Could you try something like that?

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Another thing that gets me a little interested in the game is if there is a pool going on. Now, of course, I'm not going to suggest gambling money... but you could still have a pool going on for something else or have one of those number boards things where everyone gets a square or two ...if your points match the points of the game you win. Believe it or not, I think I won last year... it had me watching the game at least at the end to make sure the points didn't change. Am I making any sense???????

If you have some kind of stake in the game.. you're more prone to get exciting watching it... even if you don't like football. By the way, who is playing, who's expected to win... and is there anything else I should know so I don't look like a total ****))) at the party?

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Pittsburgh Steelers V/S Arizona Cardinals...Steelers are the favorites...

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Thanks, dotz!

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Go to a movie.

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Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. I just went "with a good heart" and did have a nice time.

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It was on tv here - in Sydney - can't believe it ! Maybe there are enough US people here to watch it - but I can't follow what's going on ! There was an Aussie playing in it, I believe.

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