Manufactured........does this mean Modular?

chester_grantDecember 16, 2005

Modular homes can be terrific so I dont think this is a trailer thread!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Some people think modular, manufactured, and trailer are all the same. If you read some of the posts under thinking of buying a trailer, a trailer is one step above a tent.

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But if you look at the age of the buildings in question, they were built before standards were in place. Anything older than about a 1980 is almost impossible to finance for that reason.

VA and FHA will finance newer MHs, if they are on a permanent foundation... there are a few other requirements but I don't remember them all off the top of my head.

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I live in a 24x56 MH on a permanent foundation, it was installed in 1984 and is still in excellent condition.
When DH and I retired and moved onto our undeveloped property, we agreed it would be best to get an "instant" house. We ordered the model we liked and had a number of upgrades done, there is covered decking protecting the siding and keeping it shady, keeping the water away and such.
DH was not handy and a worrywart as far as having others do any work, so we went this route. He passed away six years after we made our move. I am very comfortable and the place suits me perfectly. Some say "it's still a trailer" but it's not, it has a better foundation than many of the McMansions going up everywhere.

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Manufactured homes are built in a factory.Things like walls and roof joists are preassembled and brought in on a truck.

House trailer are brought in on wheels and have a hitch.So do double wides.My neighbor claims his trailer in a manufactuctued home.It came in on wheels in 3 sections.But its still a house trailer.However his sets on a foundation.It was lifted into place with a crane and looks like a house and most think it is.But its a trailer and was pulled down the road.He had to replace all the dry wall in a brand new home because it cracked during the move.Then he had to replace the siding that became loose from the wind during transit.

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johndeere, if your neighbor had issues directly related to transportation, it should have been covered by the manufacturers' warranty and/or the transport firm. It's odd that something like what you describe would happen, because companies don't need bad word of mouth, claims on their insurance or cutting into their profit to remedy problems.

Perhaps looking over his paperwork will get him reimbursed.

Still, there are many brand new stickbuilt homes that have problems too. Things like improper foundations that crack and can make a house unsafe for habitation, improperly installed and sealed cabinets wiring plumbing etc.

I guess the moral is: if you plan to live in it - stick built or MH - check out every aspect carefully and know exactly what is in your contract, and don't hesitate to ask questions, and MAKE SURE IT'S IN WRITING!!! Verbal is worthless. Written you can - if you have to - take to court.


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So, Chester Grant, who builds that particular trailer home you show in your picture? Care to give us the manufacturer and the price?

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Modulars have wooden frames where manufactured homes have metal fames. Manufactured homes differ from trailers because mhs have to be built according to HUD codes, trailers aren't. Modular homes are HUD code approved plus they have to meet the codes of the city/town you put them in. Modulars are not towed on wheels, they're towed on flat beds. They need the crane to put them on a foundation. Modulars can be 1 or 2 story. I saw a program once where they were putting townhouse type modulars on lots for low cost housing.
JohnDeer, just because a home is pulled down a road does not make it a trailer. Stick built homes are towed down a road on flat beds when they're moved. Are they trailers then? I'd like to see someone pull my home which is 1244 sq. ft. down a road with their car, pick-up or suv. Now that would be a sight to see! :)


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It came in on wheels in 3 sections.But its still a house trailer.

JD! We meet again!

Does the floor under your neighbor's house still have the metal frame? If so it's a mobile. If it doesn't it's a modular. There's a BIG difference! Mobile homes are built to HUD standards. Modulars are built to the local building codes where they're sold. Modulars are the exact same as site built homes. I live in a modular hoime. You can walk through it and never notice anything different between my home and the site built home next door. I have 2x10 floor joists as opposed to 2x8s in a site home. I have 2x6 exterior walls. 8 foot ceilings. Andersen windows and doors. Delta fixtures. It sits on a cellar too. And my wife and I custom designed it to accomodate her rhuematoid arthritis needs. It's not fancy but we already had our fancy house. So it's heated with our woodstove and it suits us perfectly. But our neighbor down the road just erected a modular too. It's HUGE! It's a 2 story center hall colonial. The design features make it look as if it's been here since 1805. Right down (or up) to the slate roof! So it fits in with the surrounding homes that HAVE been here since then.
So just because it came on a trailer doesn't mean it IS one.

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I think a couple of things are confusing on this thread. Mobile homes (which I understand ARE manufactured houses) have axles and wheels. Modulars are towed on flat beds and lifed via cranes onto a separate and permanent foundation. Modulars, based on my observation, are superior. Mobiles will do in a pinch, but like a previous poster said, on a permanent foundation are much better than left just on blocks.
Mrs H

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A real modular home is the equalivalent of a stick built home as far as lenders go. The specifications are the same. A trailer/manufactured home is a vehicle.

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This is all very interesting 'cause we just moved into a manufactured home on a two acre lot with a second MH which we will rent when it's fixed up. We really like both houses and are delighted to get them. I need to build a garage/workshop, and would look at a manufactured one if available. Otherwise, I might just build a strawbale shop.

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Roberta, where I live mhs aren't considered vehicles. We don't have car titles anymore. We don't pay any sale taxes when we buy them.
Norm, they have supply kits for garages at home improvement stores, at least they do where I live. Btw, what's a strawbale shop?


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jenswens: The answer to your question is already in the picture!

Here is a little education on how the internet addressing system works and how to navigate it:

Right click on the picture, then click on "Properties" at the bottom of the "box" - the internet location will be appear - in this case the manufacturer is mentioned and is from Pennsylvania!

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Jenswrens asked how much that house cost.
It's really not much different than a site built home. That's the major misconception in modulars. They don't cost "half as much" as a site built home. The land costs just as much, the well and septic cost the same as does the lot clearing. The major advantage is TIME. That house in the photo if site built might take 6 to 9 months to erect. The modular version might take 6 to 9 WEEKS after it has been set. As an example we ordered our home around Labor Day weekend. We were living in it on Thanksgiving. The boxes were delivered the first of November and it took one day to set it and button it up. The remainder of the time was spent doing finish carpentry, the erection of the covered front porch and electrical as well as plumbing work. That takes just as long with a modular as it does with a site built home. And the dealer used ALL local tradesmen to do the work. So if I have a problem I can call the local guy.
But the home in the photo if it were here in Southern Vermont in Dorset or Manchester on say... 3 acres might cost $750 to $900 grand.

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Im not sure what my home is called I personally thought it was a manufactured one it came in sections and was lifted onto the footing with a crane. But I have to tell you all that last spring a HUGE tree fell across the roof came through the attic into the kithen,when the guy came out he said I was lucky it was manufactured because of the way the roof is built, he said what usually happens is the force of the blow causes the walls to kick off of the foundation and the house just collapses. So what ever it is I am glad I own it.

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Same with us, we bought this house (it certainily isn't a trailer) back in 1994. We replaced the roof about 5 years ago and the roofing guy told us it was a manufactured house, he could tell by looking in the attic. Other than that you wouldn't know. It has a full basement. Unfortunately we now want to do an addition (going up) and this will most likely be impossible as our house is actually built out of 2 x 3 's. Scary thought with those New England winters...

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The house in the picture is by Penn Lyon Homes of Pennsylvania. It is over 7000 sf in size.

No one uses the terms "mobile home" or "trailer" anymore. They are now called "manufactured homes." Built on a permanent steel chasis, to federal HUD codes, may or may not be set on a permanent foundation, and generally depreciate over time.

Modulars are built to IBC standards, modified to meet any local conditions. They are built in factories, transported on trucks, and set onto permanent foundations with a crane. They require the same inspections as site-bilt. In most areas of the country, they appreciate in value just like a normal house.

Some manufactured houses have shanghied the term "modular," so now they have started using the terminology "systems built" to describe their product.

Panelized houses are built in a factory as wall sections, then assembled on-site (and I think roofs are built on site).

It doesn't matter what type of construction (trailer, mobile, manufactured, modular, systems built, panelized, stick built, spec, or custom), there are always going to be the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

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I live in a community with many modular homes - but not all. I defy anyone to tell which are which - including many of the McMansion types that were brought in on 4 or 5 tractor trailers. Our house (a cape) was brought in on 2 - then they raised the 2nd story roof. It will be a more square, tighter house, built inside by "happy carpenters". I highly recommend that if you live anywhere near a modular factory - call and go for a tour - they are AMAZING - and you will quickly realize that in many respects (including finacially)
that it's a smart way to go. Oh, and BTW, our house was completely custom-designed too :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Chelsea Modular Homes - w/ a good video of the process

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Hi Folks,

I jumped over from the Computer Forum to look for something and I found this thread. I apologize for such a late contribution.

The term "manufactured home" is generic term for all abodes built in a factory rather than on-site. The name use is kind of like Magic Marker for all felt tip pens or Xerox machine for all copiers.

A mobile home is just what the name states, a home on wheels that is mobile. The wheels can be removed. It has a metal frame and more often than not has its floor insulated along with tar paper cladding. In many states, such as Michigan, they come with a title like a motor vehicle. In Michigan anyone can set/place a mobile home. They can remain on their wheels or be set/placed on pilings.

A double-wide is in actuality two mobile homes which of course are united on the site. They are manufactured to HUD code. In many states, like Michigan, they will come with two titles; one for each half. Also, in Michigan anyone can set/place a double-wide. They can be set/placed on a foundation or on pilings.

A modular is two units built to BOCA code which are of stick-like construction. The underneath looks just like a stick-built; wood, black pipe, plastic and copper pipe. They are flat-bedded to site and either "slid" or craned into position. They have no title. In Michigan they have to be set/placed by a licensed contractor. They are set on a foundation.

Some manufacturers may have some cross-over products, but in general this is my understanding of the products as I researched before I purchased our modular.


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hi, mobile, manufactured and modular all have real and legal definitions. Mobile homes are homes constructed in factories before july 1 of 1973, built to no specification well no government regulation specs any how.. mobile homes are no longer made.

Manufactured homes are built in afactory and hauled to the site , yes they are on whjeel san can be single, double even triple wide. they are built to HUD Specifications every single one of them. they are not allowed everywhere.

A modular home is just like a manufactured home with one main difference it has to meet all codes to where it is going to be put. Many manufacters of manufactured homes also make modulars, they just build it to the code to where it is going.

but a lot of people call them what they want, sor of like the zerox thing.

different companies produce products of different quality. and from year to year it can change. a lot

just so u now know


so what was good last year may not be so good this year, the factory may have a new owner , etc. lots of reasons why

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Modular? Manufactured? Here is a slideshow of our "system built" home in 2004. You will see many rooms that were indeed built onto it, "stick built" like our 3rd floor, garage, dining room (being painted Burgundy by me and my lovely daughter)and our bonus room. So this home is a comination of modular/manufactured and stick built. It was a LEARNING EXPERIENCE LET ME TELL YOU! :-)))

For a slideshow of our family, visit :

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Modular Building Slideshow

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This should help everyone:

* Mobile/Manufactured homes are large trailers fitted with parts for connection to utilities.

* Modular Homes are factory completed box sections which are lifted into place by a crane and require minimal assembly. Plumbing, electrical, drywall, etc. are all done in the plant.

* Panelized homes (or prefab homes) are pre constructed walls, floor, and roof sections which are shipped to be assembled at the building site. Can also include windows and doors. A good company for this is AllPro Building Systems

Here is a link that might be useful: AllPro Building Systems

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