replacing round tub with clawfoot tub

summergardenerDecember 31, 2007

I have searched and have not found any thing posted about removing a round tub or about installing a clawfoot tub in that area. If someone has posted about this, please head me in the right direction.

We currently have a round (circle shaped) tub in our master bath and want to remove it and put an antique clawfoot tub in the area. Has anyone done anything similar to this? (All that I could find that is even close to this subject is replacing a standard sized tub with the same type/size of tub due to cracking.)If anyone has experience with this, we would appreciate their advice. We are not sure of what we will encounter, but I will update the progress.

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Nobody has responded, so it's time to bump this down.

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I'm sorry that this bothered you christopher, but I did not realize that this forum had 1 and a 45 day time limit for trying to get a response to something that I genuinely want information on. I am now wondering how many others have been "bumped down" and unanswered because the time limit expired. Perhaps someone would have been able to answer them if they were given more time before being bumped.

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hummmmmmmm Very interesting. I never heard of a 45 day limit to top billing post either. Christopherth are you some moderator on this board or? to make this decision.Why would it be imporant for the post to be sent down the line just because it did not have an answer to it? I was interested to see an answer on this question myself. I popped in several times. I just never posted to it because I do not have the answer and felt unanswered questions should stay visable to someone that might have the answer.

The people that bought our last MFH are planning on removing the garden tub and we have talked several times on their options of what to replace it with. Large stall shower or a regular tub or shower over tub.

Sorry Summergardener I do not have an answer for you. My only thoughts would be the added weight.And maybe the small foot print of the claw foot tub feet. There might have to be something under each foot. I just do not know. Some one asked about the added weight of a large fish tank. I consider the added weight as I continue to mosaic on our furniture. Heheheh Silly me. Sure is fun though.

I hope some one posts an answer.


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Thanks Chris. I did consider the additional weight and the footprint with all of that weight. I am considering beefing up the floor under it. We may even raise it a bit to make plumbing easier and can add extra support while doing this. We haven't done anything with it yet, but will post with progress reports in case others are interested. I too have kept from responding to keep a post on top until someone else with knowledge can offer help.

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Summergarden. The people that bought our other MFH said they are going to take the floor up to re do the plumbing. There is a pretty big crawl space under the house. Of course the opening for it is at one corner of the house and the tub is at the other farthest corner. They are going to change it to a stall shower ,now, I think. They go back and fourth. Then they are going to take the stall shower out at the other end of the bathroom and turn it into a nice linen closet. WAH I wanted to do that too but we sold the place before we got it done. Sigh.

Please do keep me posted on anything you encounter removing that tub. The only thing we found it was good for was a play pen for the cat. He would catch a mouse outside and bring it in the pet door and turn it loose in that huge tub and play with it. DANG BAD CAT!! Mouse could not crawl up the sides. And for me they were HARD to catch and return out side.


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Summergardener, did you get your clawfoot tub in? We were wanting to replace our garden tub with a regular size tub. Right now, it is still in the "think" stages. We did have to replace an enclosed shower stall and ended up replacing it with a smaller unit. Food for thought, in most cases, the shower stall isn't small enough to take out the bathroom door. It was a one piece unit and had to be cut into about 5 pieces to get it out, then replaced with a two piece unit, a shower pan and the top enclosure. That was no easy feat. Sure hope your doors are larger to accomidate getting the tub thru the door. Good luck!

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Was interested to see if you ever got your claw foot in? I'm beginning to research doing the same thing. I think with the iron frame of the mobile home, we should be able to reenforce the floor where our claw foot will sit, to support the extra weight. We've just paid our home off and now we are ready to start putting the house payment back into the home for much needed improvements. Any suggestions or info will be greatly appreciated.

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