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jobamoJanuary 10, 2010

To all the guys and girls out there who are thinking of cheating on their partner. I met my wife and instantly fell in love with her. We were together over 25 years before we married and during this time we developed a great team. I donÂt know why I did what I did but I must have been weak and I fell pry to sex. I ended up in jail and had to call her to bail me out. I will never forget that day, itÂs the day I lost my best friend, lover, my wife. I would give anything to go back in time and not do what I did. My life will never be the same again, my Love is gone. Think about what you do before you do it and remember to always listen, be honest, loyal, and always think back on what attracted you to her. IÂve lost my partner in life, hopefully you wonÂt.

Enjoy Life,


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sorry to hear about your problems. hope you make better choices next time.

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Yep I lost Someone who was very Special. I'll never make that mistake again if I fall in love again.

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1. So you are a man hoe on a garden site? Sorry. I could not resist.

2. Stop beating yourself up. She won't get back together with you and if she did it would not be the same. Move on.

3. Yea, life is too short. Stay off porn sites, stay out of bars. Even dating sites and internet is a little shady these days. Maybe go to church, or go take lessons of some sort to meet other singles. Or maybe you went out with a respectable girl once or her.

4. This new relationship won't be the same. It may be fun and exciting but of course all relationships take work.

Good luck!!!

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P.S. Not that it is an excuse, but if everything was perfect, you would not have been looking to escape in cheating.

What did you go to jail for? I say that the relationship was over before that day but that perhaps you could have worked it out differently. So sorry. I hope you make better choices next time and be faithful and honest.

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Dear Mr. Jobamo. I do not know how long you have been seperated/divorced, but you do need to move on. Having an affair was cruel/dumb/nasty and just plain not right. You are lucky you did not bring home a nasty disease that could not wash off. Was this affair with one person or with hookers or what? If you had several irresponsible flings, you may get yourself tested for HIV/Aids and other diseases.

I hope you did not pass any of the above to your wife. Well, if this affair was with just one girl, think that you hurt not just yourself, your wife, but other people as well.

Well, I hope you did learn from this mistake and I hope you can move on successfully. Life is too short to be spent sitting around wallowing in self pity and sadness that your marriage ended. Do you want to be alone? If not really, then get out and meet people. Do it responsibly. And I do agree, good meaningful, long term lasting relationships, take time to develop and work to maintain. Good luck!

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You never responded. Did you ever ask her to come back to you? If not, have you tried to move on and date other women? Life is just too short to be sad and alone.

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Be patient and create the new hope for life. You know, life is not bed of roses. Always, not all peoples face good happening. Some also have face badly. They al are living. Try to mix-up yourself in community.

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