Filling Area Behind Wall Strips

Glen81069December 28, 2013

Hey All�,
I have a MH that when we bought it used, every wall has been repainted within the last year. It was done by a pro. so it was done right. The walls are the thin paneling, but still have the batten strips covering where the panels meet. It's been setting in this same spot for 20 years, and we have no thoughts of moving, so it's here to stay. I've read post, after post on how others have removed the strips, and painted. We still have some of every color that was used, and can get more of the exact paint to match. My question is that some say they taped, filled and sanded but was it on sheetrock walls, or the wood panel walls that this was done on? I've never had good luck using the tape, but if I can get by just using the joint compound, and it working out right, I have no fear of doing this. I've filled holes and cracks in the past using hardwood patching material, as you can also sand it smooth. Like I've mentioned, every wall has been repainted in the past year by a pro, I'm just wanting to try to remove the strips.

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We removed the strips in the bathroom and filled it with compound and sanded, but you can still see the compound. Next room I paint or wall paper, I will not remove the strips. Good luck if you do remove the strips.

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:) " post after post", me too. I would say that these people all were filling between the 1/4" wallboard, gipsum, drywall, etc...

I just started another post hoping to catch the attention of these people as well. I forgot to tape... :/ So I'm trying to poll how many people that didn't tape are making out okay, crack free. :)

The home has been resting for 20years, so I'm hoping we don't see much 'shifting'.

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I've been in mine for 28 years and I took the bands off, pulled out the nails/staples, ran some caulk evenly (because I hate sanding) and then primed and painted. No cracks at all. The corners need to be refilled after about 3 to 5 years but by that time, it time for a new color anyway right?

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