rob333August 7, 2014

I know a lot of people who have been missing, but I really wonder about Lyra/bunnyman after all his work stuff. Has he been seen? Or has anyone talked to him?

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Michael is active on Facebook, so you may want to try there.

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As long as he's active and y'all know, I'm happy. I suddenly was just really worried. Hope his work thing turned out ok. Thanks for the answer peppi

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I'm alive... I think.

I lurk here from time to time. Nothing has really drawn me in so I've not come up with anything to say. My health has been in general poor... probably just excessive stress. Work is a strange place for me these days. Doctor has me on a ton of medications... stress pills, depression pills, pain pills, heart pills... heck a little mayo on my pills and I wouldn't have to cook dinner. I'm down to 8 cats and two dogs... alas no bunnies.

I will try to stop in more often.

: )

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Hi Lyra, thanks for chiming in, sorry you have to deal with such negativity at work still, hang in there....

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Funny, I was reading an old thread last night and saw the name and also began wondering what ever happened to bunnyman/lyra! Glad to know you're still hanging in there but I suspect that all the pills you're taking just add to the stress and depression! Hope you can block out the negativity and get out and enjoy life. :)

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Lyra, I'm the same way: lurking often, posting hardly ever. But I, too, am glad that you're still alive and kicking, although the stress of the work situation probably makes your health problems worse. You were my hero as a whistle-blower!

Hey, all those kitties ought to be working overtime as stress-reducers--sorry they're not doing the job! ;-)


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Glad that you popped in. I was thinking of you just the other day as some OSHA questions came up while I was teaching an environmental class. Sorry to hear you're on so many pills and that your work situation is still stressful.

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Mayo? How about pill pockets?

Just making light, not making fun. I'm on 3 a day plus more "as needed" myself and still feel like crap.

Good to hear from you M/B/L, take care of yourself.

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I was thinking of you the other day too Michael. I hear you on all the stress and the mostly lurking because of not much to add. Late middle age (ahem) isn't for sissies! I cook occasionally now, and can still turn out some great food, but last night's dinner for example, was half a bag of nilla wafers! That's also rather typical.

Glad to know you're still alive and kicking though!

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Hey Michael, I sorry that you are doing better. I hope at least the kitties are keeping you company.

Those meds are scary, be careful. My HG/husband is on 18 prescription drugs a day. When he got dizzy and fainted -boom- a week in the hospital and 4 doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong! Gee, how about no prescription management!!!

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Michael, Elery sees you on Facebook, so I kind of keep up by proxy.

I'm glad you're still hanging around a little bit, though, and even I have gotten so darned busy that I haven't cooked anything at all in three days, that's unheard of for me.

I'm thinking lots of good thoughts for you, and about you.


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Food is chemical, medicine is chemical. Anything that goes into you mouth is processed the same way. Everything goes thru the same organs, be it food or medicine. That is why all food, yes all food has medicinal properties, and should be considered medicines.

In you case, if you are cooking for one most of the time, it is very convenient and interesting to look into the various foods and how they can improve or worsen your health and mental state, in addition to taste good to your palates.

I would not be surprised, as a matter of fact, I am sure that by experimenting on various combinations (recipes) of ingredients, you may totally re-direct your body DNA and chemistry to a very happy path.
That, as you know, is proven medical information.

It is something I pay attention to a lot when I ask myself, â What should I make for dinnerâÂÂ. I try not to preach about that concept too often, even I feel guilty that many do have concerns about their health or their loved onesâ health.


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Michael! So glad you're alive and somewhat well. I hope it all gets better soon. Sorry there are no bunnies :( Thank you for letting us know.

P.S. Also glad him posting brough you out Sue!

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Awww, thanks, Rob! I'll try to get back to posting more often.

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Glad to hear from you too, Michael. I haven't been posting much lately, either. I did copy and past the sourdough thread and plan to spend some time reading it and learning from it, but I haven't had the time to do so yet.

I wish you could find a new job that wasn't so terrible. I know how it is to work somewhere you're unhappy.


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