Marlett 1997

cocolallakidsDecember 9, 2005

I have a Marlett as a rental in Idaho. I haven't had much problems except weather trim around the front door. We installed electric rain gutters to melt the snow and keep the moisture away from both door frames.

Does anyone else have a Marlett or any tips they might want to share on maintaining a MF home?

We have great renters which is about the best insurance we have on keeping our MF home looking great.

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We don't have a Marlett and our home is a 1986 model. We have done a few things since we moved in (one was replacing the weather stripping around the front door ) but I can tell you to be sure that you make sure stuff is made for a MH because the codes and sizes are a little different. When our propane person came to turn on the gas he specifically said to make sure when we get a new water heater to make sure it is MH rated. Not to mention propane adaptable!

The furnace is, as far as I know, original but way expensive to run so I have it set to only kick on at 55 degrees and use 2 portable electric DeLonghi oil-filled radiators. So far they have done the job and only added about $15 a month to the electric bill. I would like to add 1 more - one end of the house has cathedral ceilings and if it is particularly cold and windy a third heater would be nice. However, even with only having 2 the propane furnace has never kicked on since they've been used.


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Most would have to worry about freezing pipes as most water lines run along the duct work. But I guess 55 would keep that from happening. As for as keepng moisture from around the door, I do know that some people use a drip edge over the door to direct the water around instead of down over. This works over windows as well. Might also consider installing a small awning.

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We used to have 97 Marlette. This is back when they were top of the line home made by Schult. NO longer are they. They've gone through several changes...once made by Oakwood (horrible) now has changed to Clayton company.

There shouldn't be anything different by way of maintenance on your Marlette than on any other site built home, except... to keep the belly sealed from vermin and such. That will wreak havoc on insulation, pipes, etc.

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Update: We put on new metal roof and and made an overhang with a small porch, that resolved our problem!

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