Yikes. DW how many times can you move them?

lopinbyDecember 5, 2009


I am So glad I found this site. I have found many of your posts VERY helpful. My husband and I lease the land that we run our business out of and currently live in a single wide home. We are expaning our family and would like to upgrade to a double. We have reserached and found some homes we like but.... We don't plan on being where we are forever. Depending on the economy we may or not stay. We are going to be here for at least 4 more years to complete our contract.

I would love some advice about re-locating a double wide? How much damage is done? Are you making a good choice by purchasing a brand new home with the intentions of possibly re-moving it to purchased land in 5-10 years?

Do we buy a smaller less valuable home and potentially sell when we sell the business?

Do we buy the bigger loaded 2000 sq ft home and try to re-move it in the future? Since asking someone to pay a fair price for it when we leave knowing it will depreciate?

We found a decent dealer (a little spacey) but the set-up guy is AMAZING! He seems very detail oriented (and of course my husband will be close by during set-up)

I apprecaite all the advice! I have purchased John Grissims book and I am anticipating it's deilvery.

Thanks in Advance. Your advice is invaluable!

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A lot would depend on how far and what kind of terrain it would be moved on. I have worked in the past on DWs that have been moved several times with no major damage. What i did find, if the two halves are not sealed up good with plastic the blown in insulation will all end up in one end. Also the plastic wrap underneath needs sealed good or it will tear further at highway speeds. Never found any structural damage.

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